Sunday, July 18, 2010

I have a Zillion things to do, but...

When don't I?

Today I am excited and overwhelmed to be planning for a beloved husband's arrival home, followed by two weeks of visiting friends.

I'm excited because it is a privilege to share our Marvel Hill with people who are so precious to our family.

Overwhelmed because it won't be that "picture perfect" magazine image I want for it to be upon seeing it for the first time.  I will probably strive to make it so, but there will still be clutter, unfinished projects, and lack of space for shoe removal.

And no complete shower.  As yet.  ( I can say this because they're committed at this point!!)


Today I had my children help clean up a few things in the yard after dabbling in the garden.
During this time the Holy Spirit spoke to me in an impression.
My heart was soft to receive this truth and here's how it came to me:

Your guests will come.

Your guests will depart.

After all, your children will still be there.

This is nothing new perhaps, but today it made it's mark.

It really sunk how I prepare so hard to impress my friends, and my children even help me.  Then I miss the opportunity to show my  belovedest friends how dear they are to me.  Boy, do I want them to know they are the most important people in my life!  There will be times when it's necessary for outsiders to come first, but that should be after I am certain I have my children's hearts.  If I do, I'll know it because they always participate exuberantly with me in preparation for company when they feel they are cherished.

So, in light of this over-simple idea rattling around in my head,
I decided to forgo the tackling of my endless "zillion things to do" list.  Instead...

We went for a walk,
and the children found berries.

I'm glad I brought my camera.  It hasn't been a great Huckleberry Summer, but apparently the Strawberries are quite happy!  I'm glad Clay got a picture with his cultivated strawberries the other day because those three little berries sure don't look like much now!


Miss Olivia really surprised me with her ability to pick and pick and SAVE her stash!  Wow!  Who knew?  I learned something new about that little daughter of mine today.

 Yes little brother was there.
And yes, he got a piece of the action!  He had his entourage bring the berries to him as he sat as spectator in his green chariot.  And yes.  He likes Strawberries now that he knows what they are ;-)

 This one was the exact opposite of her littler sis.  I hardly saw her WITH a berry because every one she picked went straight into her mouth.  She wasn't a bit sorry though - it was a method that worked fine for her!



We had a GREAT time.  It was time well spent :-)


gramsie said...

Loved this post! The strawberries looked yummy, but the pictures--and especially the videos--fed my soul which was hungering for a taste of those beloved grandies! Thanks Ana...hope hubby is safely arrived...


Jess said...

What a joy!

Grace McHugh said...

Wonderful post Analene. And you must know that when friends come to your home, they do not notice the things that you notice. They are so happy to see your family. What a wonderful thing to hear and receive in your heart. I agree with gramsie...........this fed my soul today. Blessings and give those friends a big hug from me. :)

SarahS said...

Wonderful! :) Can't wait to join you...shower or no shower ;)

2homeschool said...

Love it!!! Fun to see those videos. Bryce is getting soooo big!