Tuesday, July 13, 2010

thoughts and perspective of a newbie gardener


is my garden.

The fence and gate are still the prettiest part to look at.

It's been chilly, and it's been overcast.  The ground has stayed moist enough that I hardly have to water it, which is a change from trying to grow things in California (everything grows for the sun if you remember to water it)!

Another thing to get use to is seeing moss grow in a vegetable garden.

I planted my heart out a couple months ago, and am actually surprised that most the seeds didn't rot in the ground before germination.  I think I determined that sunlight is hitting our little plot for 7 hours at best, even though daylight starts at 4 AM and doesn't end until after 10 PM.

Now, Auntie Hannah's garden... is another story.
First of all, she is a pro gardener - I don't care if she's never gardened in North Idaho before this year.
I comfort myself that The Uncle Char/Auntie Hannah family live higher up on the hill (waaaarmer) and their plot sees more like 11 hours of the suns rays (again, waaaarmer).
I don't factor in the part where she spends more time spreading goat manure, weeding, planting, cold-framing, and probably singing to, her seedlings.

I don't sing to mine.  I'm pretty sure it wouldn't help anyways, as the goal is for my plants to not die.

Besides.  I am an introspective person and when I have space and silence all to myself, I think. 
Thinking is good.
I should garden more.
I don't talk to myself, and certainly not to my Onions, but if it would make them get big enough to support the 5-times-a-day:

"Can I TRY the (insert barely-sprouted vegetable name)... mom?"

No son.  You tried one yesterday.  They're not a whole lot bigger today, and there won't be any left by the time we can tell it's a Radish.

Anyways.  I recently had a big weed-fest and could REALLY see all the bare spots, so today I planted more seeds.
And more seeds again.
It felt really good!  Ironically I feel most like a farmer when sewing seeds.  Not when I am pulling weeds.
If I ever get to really harvest something (because I'm reluctant to call a couple snips of lettuce or plucks of cilantro a "harvest"), I might feel even more farmer-ish, but in case that day doesn't arrive this year I want to get my kicks where I can:-)

I want to show you something I discovered.
Perspective makes all the difference, don't you think?


Same garden, but oh!  It looks so LUSH, and those beans - they're so TALL!

 It's a true depiction of the real thing.  If you kneel down in the corner - just so your nose is almost touching the lettuce, you might think I have accomplished great things - things you wouldn't notice from a distance.

In fact, I have accomplished something amazing; I started a project that I am sticking with.
Things ARE growing (albeit rather slow).
The weeds ARE being pulled (in the usual abundance)
And I am starting over again when my previous work has been dismayed (Thanks LORD!).

Not only that, but I finally broke down and bought a "fun" pair of mud boots.  For as often as I go out, and abundant as mud seems to be I thought something prettier than the usual too-big, black irrigation boots might make me smile.
I found these when shopping with Molly in Roseville a few weeks ago 
and I was right:  
they are fun, 
they make me smile, 
AND I think of that trip to the Nursery with my sis and brother-in-law. (Thanks guys!)

Please do note that Clayton is trying to grow an artichoke.
In North Idaho.
I'm doubtful at best, but enjoy thinking of Clay every time I pass it :-)

The Hens and Chicks however, like it here.

      ..............................................I suppose the artichoke could surprise me.............?


Photo Momma said...

When I lived in MT I don't think we planted anything until June. I remember lots of green beans and zuchinni (spelling?) but it's definitely different than gardening in CA or IL! You'll figure out what grows well and soon you will be an expert at Idaho gardening.

gramsie said...

Well, it looks bee-U-tifull to me, Ana! And we still have no veggie garden at all...still just thinking, planning, hoping....maybe next year...So your garden is light years ahead of ours, for sure!

Grace McHugh said...

First the most important comment............love your boots. :) And I too am a quiet gardener. I do my best thinking while weed pulling or thinning the suckers. Our garden is not going to make it this year. But...........it is worth any effort when it comes to gardening. I am proud of your garden. And..........love the gate. :)

Momma Bug said...

Thanks Grace. Those boots almost make up for everything!
I've seen pictures of YOUR projects, and must say that raising cattle is a job all in it's own class. So... are you guys considered Cowboys and Cowgirls now?
One of these days you'll have to ask AJ about his first rodeo experience. It centered around the castration of 5 lively calves. HA!
Good times...
Good memories:-)

JMB said...

Hey, it is looking very good. I see you share my joy for weeding-haha. From expierence, I will tell you that every planting season you will learn something new. Eventually you will find what grows best in your little spot and go with it. I am with you though, I love gardening. Any time you put something on the table you will feel accomplished, no matter how much. Your gate is BEAUTIFUL and so are your boots!
Your friend,

Mommy Reg said...

It is all about perspective and you have more growing than I do right now. We started late and I didn't get a whole lot in the ground. And yours is way more organized than mine is this year. I love your perspective, it is about perspective and how we look at things on how successful we are. Looks great for your first year.

J said...

Great boots. That makes gardening fun even if nothing grows!! ;) Your peppers are as big as ours. And I must say, even from the bottom corner, the beans aren't tall. hee hee hee We're just now getting beans. This year is an experiment for us too. Lots of learning. Any pests?

Momma Bug said...

The pests must be well fed elsewhere I guess. Perhaps that is next years trial once something actually grows.
HEY! Thanks a LOT about the beans. Humph.
Sadly, it's true.
So, I am totally cool - I actually let the kids pull all the radishes because the appear to be duds. It was hard for me, I kept hoping something would grow on the underneath side. Alas... I figured they were taking up valuable real estate and I want to replant.
Try, try again, right?

About the boots,