Sunday, July 25, 2010

Marvel Hill or Munchkin Land?

Marvel Hill finds itself happily taken over by Smiths, Bugs, et all, and doesn't mind a bit!

Starting with a boy-made tent - not necessarily slept in.  Maybe next time.

Girls doing girl-ish things.

What Dads do:

This doesn't look like "An Army Of One" to me!
I wonder how much work actually occurred...

What Moms do:


Herd  Lead berry-picking expeditions.


Okay.  Just stand there  somewhat.....  together    -ish.


Never mind.  Go back to your berries.

That was Strawberries, but there were Huckleberries to be picked too...

How about giving baby a bath... Marvel Hill style!

Girls and snacks

Little boys and learning to share toys

All Smiths, Bugs, and Cousins, minus the tiniest person.

You may know (or at least have surmised) that getting them all in one shot is no easy task.
Here's the real-time version:

And don't forget dinner......

No we do not run an orphanage.  
These children all have parents (and there are 6 of us total).
No thank you, you can keep yours.

Look how cute!
You two look pretty good after 4 days of what you went through;-)
You may need a vacation after your vacation.

Oh yeah,
Moms can be friends too :-)

I sorta fibbed to my friend.  I told here I wouldn't post this picture until one day in the future 
when we thought it made us look good.
but I cropped, black and whited, and grained this picture to help us out some. 
You can't see the dirt now.
Or the greasy hair.
And smiles are good for hiding tiredness!

You always look great, oh friend of mine!  You always will:-)


Courtney said...

LOL Welll - I guess you didn't say how much later you would post the picture ;) Thank you so much for having us - we are missing you already. Love you lots, Courtney :D AKA Mrs. Smith

Grace McHugh said...

I love this post!!! And I love that you posted the picture of you and Courtney. tee hee You are a good friend Analene. My heart was yearning to be there with both of you.

Deborah said...

So glad you got to spend time with the Smiths. You and Courtney are beautiful!!

Momma Bug said...


Are you still planning to be in the area this Summer? I'd love to get to know you better and meet sweet Nadya :-)

Molly said...

"Photographers worst Nightmare!"
LOVE IT!!!!!!!! LOL
In fact I want the clip, just to sent to my photographer friends with that title!!!! LOL.... Maybe you should send it in to Funniest Home Videos Sis!!! =) lol...LOVE IT!!!!
Love you