Thursday, July 15, 2010

Party, Party,Party!

It's been a week of partying around here.  Since Dad worked out of town this week, I gave the children each a night to choose and make dinner, stay up later than everyone else, and then sleep in my bed.

This program gained high ratings from the start, but has risen in popularity since then.

Zachary chose Spaghetti which turned out delicious!

Clay wanted Tacos, so he also snipped just enough cilantro from our garden to make semi-fresh salsa.  Then we played Moose Farkle, and ended the evening with one hand of Gin since I skunked him in the first game :-)

And Susanna was pretty excited about her turn.  She posted this "sign" on the front door.  
It read:

Today is my Day
said Sue  
I get to make dinner rolls.  
I get to not clear the table. 
I get to sleep in Mom's bed.

That "not having to clear the table" bit really made an impression I guess!

Olivia had her night tonight and wanted to make tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.  We also had our neighbors down for a party, and they brought stuff for fresh-picked-huckleberry-smoothies.

Then Olivia wanted to play Twister... not sure where she went when the game came out.  
Maybe it's more fun to watch?

The Sound of Music was Olivia's choice of movie to end our party,

but after our guests left we two partied on for another hour before I sent her to bed.   
MY bed.

Carolina asked me if SHE gets to stay up late, and I told her that tomorrow is HER night.  Happy day!

For dinner she'd like to make rice.

...and Oatmeal.


Grace McHugh said...

You know how to party! Love your ideas. Kevin will be hunting in September and I know what we will be doing. :)

J said...

That is super duper cute. What fun. You know its something REALLY good when they make a sign. :)

Momma Bug said...

Yes, I love love LOVE R's "Hot and ready!"
What a hoot!