Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Firstborn... like it was yesterday

9 years ago, July 7th.  8 lbs.  2 ounces.  

Who are those two kids taking that baby home from the hospital?
Oh yeah.  That's us.  Parents to a now-nine-year-old.

I had no idea how fast the time would disappear!

What an amazing fellow you are Zachary Christian.
You are a leader, a planner and do-er.  You are an overcomer - We have watched you battle fears and stand the Victor; We've instructed you and watched you choose to master your will and actions.  We've been so blessed by your gracious big-brothering, and protection of your siblings.  
You are nine years old now - still a child; yet you are well on your way to becoming a man.
A boy I am so thankful to call son, and a young man I am privileged to call friend.  Dad and I love you so very much Zack.  We were pretty excited about you in the pictures above, but we are even more amazed by you now!

I have a feeling that the years ahead will be even better 
and a whole lot of fun :-)

Happy Birthday Buddy!


gramsie said...

Oh! Love the smile and those big fish! This boy is my favorite 9 year old in the whole world!!! Happiest of happy days ahead too, Zachary!! We love you all the way to the moon and back--9 times (and counting)!

Gramsie and Pops

J said...

What a young man you have there! Great pics. Yes, who were those kids! In some ways it feels like yesterday but other ways like another life, yes?? Happy Birthday Zachary.

Grace McHugh said...

Love the latest picture of your son. What a boy and he is all boy. Bythe way, did they check your ID's when you went to the hospital?? Who was that child bride next to the baby? tee hee

Momma Bug said...

Thanks Grams, Thanks gals!

Yes he IS a young man lately - all four of those fish (tonights dinner along with our first garden salad!!) caught to feed the family. Thankfully he cleaned them himself. I remember the days of being nine, but I'm very happy not to clean fish these days!
That picture of the three of us (in another life) was one of the more "grown-up" pictures of me. All those hospital pictures I was wearing my hair in braids and was still wearing a retainer. I WAS a whopping 22, so not real young actually, but oh so thrilled - the realization of a lifetime's dreaming!!!

Photo Momma said...

I love that photo of you and A.J. bringing home your firstborn... So sweet.

Diane said...

I love seeing the pic of you and AJ taking him home. How crazy how fast time flies isn't it? My "nephew" will be fourteen next month. Just spent the weekend with him and can't believe what man he is now. He lived with us when he was a baby. Anyway, super precious. And to think, nine more years and you will have an adult!