Monday, July 12, 2010

Ode to Boys

Because of boys, I have conversations about worms.
"Mom, Uncle Charlie has healthier worms than ours.  I think it's because he feeds his table scraps and stuff like that."

Are you serious Zack?!
Really? Healthier worms?
I know I'm just a mom, but it seems like there are other ways to get worms than by turning them into another chore.  Just turn over a rock in the yard for instance.

There will be no competing with Uncle Charlie though.
He has a pack goat, so the newest rage is wanting a pack goat.
One big enough to ride.
In fact, says Zachary:  "I'd like for Uncle Charlie to make a saddle for me.
I might even pay him a little (how generous) or maybe help him..."

The thing is, boys are Adam's descendants so they are made from...


One thing I understand now; dirt calls to boys.
I never knew just how much I could love dirt. 
And boys.

I should probably remember that when I'm doing laundry. 

And speaking of boys and laundry... some things are not meant to go through the drier.  You'll have to ask if you really need to know.

Boys hunt for and "bag"... mice.

Boys like gadgety stuff (if gadgety is a word) .  Especially big boys.  The kind of stuff we girls don't understand and often can't pronounce.  And if you don't watch out, they will buy you a present they know you will love....  and you'll never see it again.  But that's okay because you love the boy who gave it:-)

A boy will climb a splintery porch pillar in underwear to get closer to a robins nest.
(and because I am becoming less surprised by such things, I grab my camera on my way out to scold)

Put a price tag on that!

Boys are one of the things that make life so perfectly wonderful and I can't imagine how little laundry there'd be without them.  
In any shape or size, they're pretty much the best thing a girl could ever get!



gramsie said...

You filled my day with the joy of boys, dearest Ana....I am off to spend a day (or more) with a very old boy who can still occasionally do something so sweet it fills my eyes with tears and my heart with...the joy of boys....

Ashley said...

great post! okay, i wanna know. what went through your dryer? knives, "secret maps", Lego's, rocks, the occasional bug, and many other things i've found in our washer/dryer. i'm imagining all sorts of things in yours. :)

Momma Bug said...

Love you Mom!

SarahS said...

I agree wholeheartedly :)

Photo Momma said...

I am just hitting the interesting things in my dryer stage... so now I am really curious, what went through YOUR dryer?

LindaFaye said...

Yay for boys!!