Monday, October 10, 2011

because He loves

Come to our home after dusk
enter in
elude the darkness
warm hands
warm face and ears from the
twilight air

home sweet sweet home
welcoming the familiar
and the stranger too
keeping bitter cold outside
the toddling baby in.

soft ambiance surrounds all
on this side of the door
flickering glow illuminates
each  face
makes eyes sparkle
adds a pinker hue to cheek
light that warms the soul
these propane lamps omit;
ever forgiving father time
erasing wrinkles
blurring creases. and gray hair. and thick middles.
fearlessly hiding dust bunnies and cobwebs.  and dirty socks.

weary traveler
tired mother dear and loved
neighbor casually dropping in
put up your feet
rest your eyes
let laughter work as balm.

education is a constant here
to learn what is lovely
we are growing
growing up
growing quicker to listen. and slower to critique.
growing out of last years blue jeans
and into a deeper love with Jesus.

welcome in. welcome. welcome.
yes there is volume
sometimes a din
but here there is something more
glowing brighter than our fire-lit mantles...
it is Light..
and Life. 

"welcome to our home, my Lord
quench darkness
conquer death.
humility is no stranger here
as we wrestle with sin. self. and flesh.
warm our hearts with your love my Lord
fill our home with You
in Your presence is fullness of joy!
and Life everlasting.
and Light.

enter in, my Lord
invite with you the downcast
bring the discouraged and rejected too
let us serve them. serve you, here.

Soft Ambiance permeating every corner
help me see people as You do.

Take me with my ragged edges
use me as a beacon
shining true.
Light around me. on me. in me.
let me love
as You do."

(by momma bug  10/10/11)


Cinnamon said...

Oh I love that! I felt warmer just reading it :-)

And now....I am officially going to bed :-)


Sally said...

Beautiful, Ana!
Love you!