Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I've decided...

That I love the fall!  It may just be my favorite season, for sure while it lasts :-)
On Sunday we took a drive, and with the window down to catch the last hints
of balmy air, I noted a distinct crispness that wasn't there just a week ago.

And the GOLDS!  Oh the golden hues lighting up our landscape.  I swoon!
(and couldn't help sticking the camera out the window)

 Another view I like in the fall:

He's got his work cut out for him, but what a guy!  And now there's a ripe harvest of help.

This new toy tool is the perfect size for a couple pint-sized men, and boy are they splittin' the wood
and gettin' it stacked!  I just hope the novelty sticks until the shed is completely full :-)

Getting back to our Sunday drive...
We spent some family time; the kids took over the playground,
and mom and dad took in the beautiful lake view!

You know what we did after all this fun?  We had more fun!
We did.  We went to a local brewery and ate dinner together - but not just any dinner, no.
It was a "dad" kind of dinner.  A memory-maker for sure!

First we ordered about 6 appetizers or so; things like Buffalo Wings, and Calamari, and Cheese Sticks
OH yes!  That was dinner.  But wait...
Dad followed up our appetizer-entre with a humongous Brownie heaped with ice cream and whipped cream
and drizzled with chocolate syrup.  Two.  Two of them. We put one in the center of a table
and removed the chairs so our whole tribe (or Pack of hungry Lions, as they were referred to by the waitress) could gather around it with spoons.
The other was for me and dad.  What a guy!  (I keep saying that)  And it was an amazingly quiet dessert
despite the copious amounts of grease and sugar they consumed and it was just plain ol' good times.
What more can I say?  It's very hard to beat a Sunday outing like that.

Give us a week to recover and we may try though :-)


Julia said...

I love love love that last photo of the whole family! That needs framing ;-)

While you are enjoying and seeing in the changing hues and cooler days.. we are getting blown about by squawly spring weather with blustery gusts and periodic wet stuff falling from the sky LOL. The great thing about spring of course is summer is getting closer woohoo.

Pam... said...

Wow. You have a lot of kids! How do you do it? Your hands are full! Do you know what causes that? lololol!

I love beach time with family. And playgrounds. And fall, but we have trees and you have sky. Big billowy cloudy blue sky. But when my friend from Id-ee-ho comes to visit us, she sure notices the trees. (Looks like you have more than they do, for sure!)

Yes those family shots are awesome. I think you are enjoying life sufficiently. Good job little sis. >>>Cherish<<<<

Cinnamon said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family. I love the pictures of Daddy with the children, here and there. Precious.

I thought my favorite picture was the new header but the new family picture is sooo good too. Love all the smiles squeezed in there :-)

What a dinner!! I could just pictures the children all gathered around with their mini pitch forks, oops I mean spoons :-), and gobbling up that yummy dessert!

That's enough love and fun to last you at least a whole week:-)

Btw, you look GREAT. Aloria is a whisp of cuteness and the kids all look wonderful~


Momma Bug said...

Oh THANK you!

We begin to have the Fall-ish wet stuff falling from the sky Julia. It's nice and cozy, but in about 6 months I'll be very ready to have Summer too :-)

Pam. I should HOPE so!
As for trees, there are more and more the farther North you go. You oughta come see for yourself. I'd like that :-)

Cinnamon, we might have used pitchforks if they'd have had them.
Thanks friends!

Sally said...

Oh! Wonderful pix, Analene! Thanks for sharing your day with us...I AM going to get a couple of those photos off to Costco so I can frame them today...heart-fulls of love,

Pam... said...

Sure, when we pack the van one day and head to Idaho we can visit you and my friend in Boise. It may be awhile. I think there are a few weddings in the near future here...but someday!
Just in case, make sure you have your dark clothes on and plenty of pbj's available. Oh, and a Dr. Pepper for me. LOL! I know. I am just too funny, right?

Momma Bug said...

I love laughter and need more doses of it! Boise is a desert compared to here. It's like a rainforest in our neck of the woods!
I have dark clothes, I have PB&J, I have beans and pop corn and carrot sticks and apples :-)
If you came, I would have cases of Dr. Pepper just for YOU.

You're JUST RIGHT as far as friends go Pam! :-)

Pam... said...

Cases. Oh man. Imagine how hopped up we could get on that stuff! I'm afraid I would tell you my whole life story!

You are just a sweetheart. (Psst. Don't tell anyone though.)

Courtney said...

What a glorious day! Especially the dinner part! (don't forget I am pregnant ;) I love that last picture of your family. I have to ask, was that picture taken in one shot?!
Love you bunches, me

Diane said...

I LOVE the family photo. It is wonderful! We don't get to see much of you as you are always behind the camera, so it is a special treat when we get you and the entire family together!

Missing you tons. We will catch up soon.