Friday, October 28, 2011

Just a regular day

When I stop and pay attention, there are so many things in a "regular" day that make it a "favorite" day.
It's important to look for those things though!
Here are a few of the favorites in my regular day :-)

The boys (and today the girls too) have been working really hard at getting firewood split and stacked
in the woodshed.  I promised them an apple pie if they stuck with it.
Sometimes follow-through is the hard part......... and that's true for all of us.

My job description of Mother has taken on a new facet: that of facilitating and supporting
a couple boys as they become men.  Building not only a friendship with these guys, and not
just being their mom, but being a woman who listens (a lot of this listening business),
laughs with them as peers, and encourages their dreams as well as labors.  I hope that one
day they choose brides that are better women than I, but until that time arrives I'll endeavor
to set the bar high, and try to instil a zeal for life in my men - even if it involves hard work!

(and perhaps more than a few small messes - it has been said that pie-making is messy!)

It was a joy to watch Carolina Truth apply "jewels" onto her crown
(a gift from her brother Clayton).  It took some coordination and fine
motor skills and even more of that follow-through I was talking about!

Finally time to light up my wood stove - MY wood stove.   Somebody loves me :-)

Among my most favorite things are these two favorite people enjoying a growing friendship.

An this little one heard her sister enter the door behind her.
Craaaaaaannnnn.... "I see you sister!" says she.

Another favorite ':-)

It's particularly wonderful to me that we live in a place where golden trees drop their golden leaves
where my children can scoop them up by armloads.  It's just perfect.

Wheeeeeeee-HAH!  It's still fall here and the Tamaracks haven't even turned yet!

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Jaclyn Hicks said...

Looks like an absolutely, wonderful day.

Pam... said...

Love the simplify sign in your kitchen!
Those kids did a good job with that wood. They love the work too. The boys love having purpose there in the great outdoors.

Courtney said...

Oh my friend - you should not show a pregnant woman your apple pie! The best apple pie I have ever had was made by you. Miss you! Me

Momma Bug said...

You all are too kind!

Pam - I love that sign, but it makes me laugh when I look at it through a kitchen like mine is now!!!
I bought it in Colorado a couple years ago when we lived for months with little more than what we took from California and squeezed it into our van.

I'm pretty sure that simplify is not our life motto at the moment, but it is a good reminder not to put too much value in things that can't last :-)

Courtney - Remind me next time I see you: Apple Pie and Salsa (not necessarily together tho')
Especially if you can get Stephen to work his apple cider magic!
Love you friend!

Cinnamon said...

What a wonderful day to remember and rejoice in ♥

Pie-making has got to be the yummiest mess we can ever make :-)

I love your wood pile!! The kids are doing GREAT!

Have you shared your apple pie recipe before?