Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Too smart for me

Well it finally happened to me.

Today I found my two-year-old in his bed without his diaper.  
Can I blame him if he doesn't want to wear a poopy diaper?  
Well.  I can't blame him for that exactly, 
but we had words about other things I can blame him for!

Honestly it's a wonder it took so long for me 
to have such a rascally and charming trouble-maker,
but I've known I was going to get my just desserts sooner or later.
It is the very reason I say (and here I quote myself):
"everybody should have at least one more child 
than they can handle."

It makes us humble.

And it makes life more interesting too ;-)


Cinnamon said...

Love little Bryce! He is so cute~

Cute noises in the background...much like our home...."how do you spell?" very very cute!


Melissa said...

Funny! I've had a couple of boys who took poop diapers off, too-nothing like the adrenalin rush of being told by an older child, "Jacob took off his poop diaper on the trampoline!" And I agree about having one more child than you can handle. It scares me to think that if I'd only had 2 or 3 out of my 7, I'd think I had parenting completely figured out-and probably wouldn't think I desperately needed God's help with my kids. Scary thought, for sure.

Sally said...

Love to hear Bryce's progress with language in the video: "No, I don't!"..."Has a hole in it"...Thanks for sharing with us, Ana! xo, m

The Zimmerman Family said...

My two 2-year-olds were taking their diapers off after I put them in bed and peeing all over the bed and floor. The younger one even peed on his brother after his brother fell asleep!

Thankfully, we dealt with it and it only happened a few times. Haven't had problems with that for over 2 months now! : )

Momma Bug said...


You are so lucky!

SarahS said...

He's SOOOOO CUTE!!!! Great video :) Mine never did take poopy diapers off. I remember a couple of times when I has so stuffed up I couldn't smell it and the boy who was old enough to talk didn't Tell me he was poopy...