Monday, October 3, 2011

Rocket Science

There are those who send Summer out with a bang.
This year we are those.

Our "bang" is more of a loud hiss and is heralded by a chorus of 10...9...8... 's  
Ensuing smoke is not caused by fireworks, gunfire, or cannon; rather a small engine producing
a trail for our eyes to follow.  Hopes be, that our rocket will come down where it can be retrieved
(assuming it can be found).  So far 3 different rockets have come back and been launched again.
A fourth..... has not been so fortunate.
It humors me to imagine a squirrel using that shiny blue curiosity in his home decor!

These are the creations that Zachary built from scratch (except the engines)  which his two attentive
pupils painted.  Aren't they dandy?!

The lunchings went off without a hitch, but that little yellow guy there - his length (or lack thereof) was
cause for real concern.
We had the kids stand behind a tree when we pushed the ol' button on that one! :-).

Yep.  I am a coward.  Now you know.

There seems to be bravery and ingenuity that runs thick other places in our family.
I console myself that they wouldn't have got this far without me.  I'm the mother.

And  someone has to document all the momentous occasions!


Sally said...

LOVED the video--especially the audio portion. My laugh for today!!!

JOHN said...

Love it !!! Looks like you and your family just have the best times together :)


Momma Bug said...

Well I think we do!

The Lord's favor is very great on our lives. We praise Him!