Monday, October 31, 2011

light and life

 "For God, 
who commanded the light 
to shine out of darkness,

hath shined in our hearts
to give the light
of the knowledge
of the glory of God
 in the face of Jesus Christ."
 I Corinthians 4:6

 Schoolwork fills our mornings lately, and usually spills over into afternoon.  
Where does this leave time for blogging?  Baking? Stacking firewood?  
Doing something with all those apples!  
It's a crunch to get anything done 
after the school chores end and before the dinner chores begin
I'm not complaining; 
I have lots of help at the ready!  But I also have 
half finished tutu's on the couch, felt in a bag on the wood-box designated 
for Aloria's Christmas stocking, 
pounds and pounds of apples blocking the front door so it only opens part-way, 
folded stationary needing to be tied up in ribbon, 
a gift awaiting tissue paper and some postage stamps, 
canned pumpkin on the counter 
hoping to made into something yummy....... 
There's no shortage of fun things I can't quite get to!  

Tonight I had big plans for making bread, folding laundry, reading to my little Bugs, 
maybe even checking off a few things on the list above.  
Alas, 8 in the evening finds me completely without steam.  
The starch (if you will) is taken right out of me.  
It was a full day that started dark and early with crisp fall chill followed by crackling fire; 
a hot morning bath and quiet, uninterrupted Bible reading time; 
it was a day that saw much accomplished, 
and also not enough.  
But now....
Now I could start the next thing and instead I choose bed.  
A prudent decision, but not without some regret.
Tomorrow starts off with the same list of things to do, and probably more.  

The good news?
All my long list will be there to chip away at tomorrow!  
That same tidbit of reality is both the hard fact, and the sweet hope.  
Tomorrow is a new start, with (hopefully) new energy, 
new inspirations, and it's own hiccoughs that I can't predict.  
(and I'm glad for that!)

Tomorrow looks promising.
And so does bed.


Sally said...

Amazing photo, Analene! This post reminded me of my day today too--sometimes the list of "waiting to be done" ends the day longer than it was at the beginning no matter how many things were accomplished, it seems. My day was really good to, though! Blessings on your day today...m

Cinnamon said...

You have such a sweet spirit. I love that about you Analene Rose (I'm partial to your middle name y'know) :-) that *my* stationery? I'm so forgetful these days. Every week I say "oh yes I'll mail that right off to you" and like your list....I don't quite get to it. Today!! I shall do this!! Maybe I'll even have a moment to sneak in a little note...maybe :-/

Love your crackling fire~


Momma Bug said...

I'm thinking note too. I'm in no need of your hurrying, but I do want to get your stationary to you. It's coming soon though!

Love to you and thank you friend,
A.R. :-)