Thursday, February 2, 2012

festive acrostic for february

V ery loved books in our home: The Happy Hollister mystery series. 
The kids consume them like water.

A ll these pens in such cheery hues (and cherry hues)!
Drawing implements are in constant rotation here and I heart the color.

L ove  ...Need I say more?

E ver wonder if you'll actually cut into that piece of fabric you adore?
Jury's still out on this one. 

N ot only were these tissue paper stars fun at Christmas, 
 but maybe we should make more red ones to enjoy all February!

T wo tiny mittens drying out by the fire.  
I wonder what stories they could tell?  Cold ones I bet.

I bought this STOP sign for a song (I'd been shopping for a while).
It holds bumper stickers, as souvenirs, from places our family has traveled.

N o better use for my favorite red metal tote, than keeping my own colors.  
...For . momma . only :-)

E dible almost, this tiny retro chair!  
"Ms.Vinyl Tablecloth, you makes my heart stop."  *sigh*

S eeing my red-mug-shelf every day (and using them) is a balm for the soul.  
Now a cute timer shares a spot too.


Can you tell what inspired us in Creative Writing today?
What acrostics can you come up with?

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Diane said...

Ooh. I love it! I have to go to sleep now but you've inspired me to try an acrostic. We shall see where it leads! Love you. Been thinking of you! So much to catch up on.