Sunday, February 19, 2012

Says I to Him:

"Let's get away for the weekend.
Go to some quiet mountain cabin, sit by a fire.  We'll sip something hot, watch the snow come down,
and then strap on snow shoes and take a hike in the woods.
Let's take the kids too, and we'll go sledding with a thermos and paper bag full of hot popped corn!
Yeah... lets. 
Let's take a nap if we feel like it, and watch a movie before bed, and stay up as late as we want.
Then we'll get up in the morning as late as we want!  Maybe we could get a cabin with a view  from
our bed of the trees covered in snow.
Let's!  It sounds like fun.  To spend a weekend like that.
Hey - we don't have to go anywhere after all!
We live here."


momto12 said...

Oh my do you really live in that cabin?! I am sooooo jealous - oops guess I am not suppose to be but I have always wanted to live in a cabin! One day I will!

Momma Bug said...

Well Momto12,
Yes. We do live in a cabin, and actually those last couple pictures are our GUEST cabin :-)
Maybe you're a kindred spirit?

momto12 said...

Kindred spirits is a definite. We are looking to move soon and I am looking for more land and less house!! A guest cabin would be awesome! If we build it will be a cabin! We actually have 13 children - 5 are married and we just got our 5th grandbaby Feb. 11 with number 6 due in June!

momto12 said...

Btw the last picture of the cabin in the dark with the light on is BEAUTIFUL!

SarahS said...


Cinnamon said...

Analene, It's all beautiful. From your two boys pushing that one big snowball to the crackling fire to that crackerjack, Bryce, sipping on a drink :-) Too cute all of it.

Love your adorable little cabin!! Love love love it!

Your girls did a great job painting their nails. My dtr would be jealous as I just stashed away the purple/glittery nail polish that she found in the street :-/

hugs to you sweet friend~


p.s. Mom to 12...we live right above you in Iowa. Small world.

Diane said...

I can't believe how big the girls are. Carolina is one of the big girls now. When did that happen? Lol. Loving you!