Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It Seemed Unlikely

Improbable even, if you factor in what it would take to gather three friends without nursing babies
or pregnant bellies, three dads to babysit 13 children on the same day, oh - and ideal weather.
Combine that all with a will to learn something completely out of my comfort zone, and you have
an event requiring the sun, moon, and stars to participate in proper alignment.

I learned to ski.

Well, technically I started learning how to ski.
Or better yet, I tried.
That's pretty good for me.  I'm neither athletic nor graceful, and generally prefer sticking to experiences
in which someone knowledgeable holds my hand.
Remember that cartoon of Goofy skiing?
That's what I felt like, and I'm confident I looked like ol' Goof as well. :-)

My man - he'd like us to ski together. 
Amazing fella he is, he scheduled a class for me, watched the chiluns, and sent along a couple
of my favorite girlfriends so we'd be sure to laugh real hard.
Which we did.  Starting before we went even. 

The question came up:  "Which hat should I wear?  Maybe the right hat will help me look like
I know what I'm doing!"

And in  response to that:  "I know what you mean.  I'm looking for something warm to wear 
that isn't woodland camo.  
I want to blend in, but I don't think that's the look I'm going for."

Yep.  We laughed a lot!  There was one point when riding a ski lift for the first time, that I laughed so hard
I couldn't talk. I think J thought I might keel off the lift right there.
It doesn't take a lot to give me a big kick.  I'm easy that way :-D

After all that talk about hats, my sympathetic buddy crocheted one for me.  It made me look like a pro too, when I tried it on and wore it on the walk from the parking lot, the paying, and ski rentals.
Unfortunately my head got too hot before I set ski to decline and I went bareheaded for the duration.


Our instructor was a 60 year old man who kept saying things like "Whoa yeah.  You're Rockin' it!"
and then expect a high-five, which made us feel even more dorky than absolutely necessary.

Needless to say we felt a bit empty handed without husbands and children.  Perhaps more than a bit.
My identity was in question.  Here I was with two cute girlfriends, out playing in the snow for a day,
and expected to high-five a ski instructor who's name (it said on the tag he wore) was "RICHARD from
Coure de'Alene".  Where was my tag?  What would it say? "Momma Bug I-left-7-children-at-home-with

In hindsight I think a tag with some explanation would have promoted more questioning and less assuming.
Assumptions can be more bearable in some circumstances.

Another thing, I was pleasantly surprised to find, is that it's possible to fall without breaking any bones. 
I guess I always thought skiing = falling = broken stuff.  All I got was a bruise.
And some sore muscles. 

It would be good to get sore muscles more often I think.

I wouldn't really say I'm skiing yet.  I mean, unless you define that to include the gravitational force which
propelled me to the bottom of the bunny hill (at times against my will) haphazardly, and not necessarily in an upright position (can one ski on ones bottom?) but I sure had fun!

The whole experience was enough to make smoke pour out my ears.  But despite chanting instructions
under my breath all day, and then twitching all night as I turned powdery corners in my sleep, I woke thinking
I just might like to go again.

Don't be thinking Black Diamonds any time soon Handsome-Hunk-of-a-Husband! ;-)


Courtney said...

Oh my goodness!! I am so jealous! You look like you had so much fun. Maybe there could be a next time ;) and I could go with you.
Love you

Jana said...

Woohoo! I love your take on our day. The glimmer of humor in your eyes often shines through to your words. :) a joy to be around...to fall on one's behind around...to speculate on the skiing "fashions" around...and to be humbled as the 3 yr olds zip pass us by "around." *Grin*

Momma Bug said...

Hah! Jana, you girls made the day for sure, and I almost wrote about 3 year old's zipping past. Too FUNNY!
Thanks for going with and holding my hand :-)
Cool hat helped a lot too!

Courtney, come with us "next" time :-)

Jess said...

Yay for you :)

Momma Bug said...

I think I might have keeled off that lift if YOU had been here. I have a feeling I might have felt even more hysterical ;-)

SarahS said...

How fun :)

outdoor.mom said...

oh cute!! looks like tons of fun!! just so you know, Monday in Libby (presidents day) it is free lift tickets for all school age kids and half price for anybody else. we will be there :-)

Cinnamon said...

What fun memories. What fun to stretch yourself and get out of your comfort zone or at least out of the house without kids :-) I haven't skied in years but it does look like fun!

Maybe you can come here and we can cross country ski...it is Iowa you know ;-) ha ha!

Glad you had a wonderful time with and got some nourishment for your soul.


Momma Bug said...

I really think cross country skiing would be more my speed. I like to stop and look at the scenery, key word there: stop.
See? We could entertain you good at ANY time of year!


Shauna said...

What fun 'Lene!
You know, I recall you telling me once that we'd be the type who would grow more beautiful as the years went by. I think it's certainly true for you. You look stunning my friend!
Love you, me