Thursday, February 23, 2012

Two Heads are Better than One

This is just the sweetest sight that ever my eyes beheld!

I see it often, in many varying combinations.
Sometimes a big brother and little brother,  sometimes a big sis and little brother,
often a big brother and lil' sis.

There's something about having company while
you drudge through the ol' 'Rithmatic, and every little bit of interaction from
those adoring big siblings toward their equally adoring lil' siblings is money in the
friendship bank!

Who knows - maybe more work gets done too?

There is definitely good work being accomplished!  Whether it involves numbers
I can't really say :-)


Sally said...

Oh! Darling! Hugs to both those girlies I love so much!


Cinnamon said...

Oh my look at Aloria. She's all grown up! When did that happen? Didn't you tell her she had to stay itty bitty and ever so sweet?

Her hair is so blonde now. Beautiful. And her sweet little smile. Love it!!

This is often a sight that amazes me too. An older snatching up a younger so they can "help" them. I love it. Every time it impresses LOVE into my soul.

bless you sweet friend for capturing such beauty~


H0MEFree said...

So sweet. What blessings.

SarahS said...

So, so sweet :)