Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Craft Friday (on Wednesday)

We dug out some doilies last week, lay them on folded newspaper
and broke out the watercolors and paint brushes.

I instructed the Bugletts  to splash color over the whole surface of the
white doilies, hoping to create a stained glass effect.
As you can see, their interpretations were wonderfully unique!

I sure do love to see the light coming through their handiwork, and to enjoy
each personality that shines through their art :-)
It's also a great to have something prettier than smudges to look at on the glass!


SarahS said...

What a fun idea:) Love the light coming through the colors!

Sally said...

Looks like fun, Ana! I should get some for my windows--would be a much nicer view than spider webs and dirty screens that are currently adorning my windows :o)

Diane said...

What a fun craft project! Think I will have to steal it for my Daosy GS troop!