Monday, February 6, 2012

Rainbow Rice

Carolina and Bryce tried a new project with me today.

We colored rice!

We did use a recipe, but I'm a dump-and-a-pinch-and-a-pour kind of gal, so this is our loose version.

*Take a gallon Zip Lock bag or quart jar for each color.

*Pour about 2 Tbs white vinegar into the bag (or jar).

*Squirt in some food coloring. (I have read of people using watercolor instead)

*Pour in about 2 cups of white rice.

*Seal container, then let hoodlums shake it up!

*Lay a piece of parchment on a cookie sheet with a lip (jellyroll pan).

*Pour all of one color rice onto parchment, and cook in oven for 10-20 min at 250 degrees.
The goal here is to dry out the rice.  It may take more or less time depending on how
wet the rice is initially.

*Pour dry, cooled rice into a plastic tub and let hoodlums explore their indoor "sandbox"!
If you are smart, you might prefer to let them play this game on a sweepable surface :-)

Rice is in abundant supply here, so I didn't have to buy umpteen little bags of rice.
We have a big bin of it, and usually use brown rice anyway, so this was a PERFECT
project using things we had on hand and it was a big hit!

I looked at the clock a couple times and realized that both Carolina and Bryce entertained themselves
at this bin of rice for over an hour.

In fact, they were quickly joined by Sue, and later I had to let the second shift (Olivia and Clay)
have a turn!

Hooray for colors!  Hooray for projects that don't need special planning!
Hooray for a mom with enough energy to enjoy playing with her hoodlums today!


Sally said...

Looks like lots of fun--sorry we didn't connect last nite. Hugs!

Cinnamon said...

I love it! You have rainbows shooting up all over the place. What's next? :-)

You call me anytime. I've missed visiting with you as well. A buys life with family is good too though.

Enjoying seeing all your creativity bursting forth~


Jana said...

That appeals to my...hmm...well, to my everything! I wonder if brown rice would work? I think some of ours is starting to go rancid. Probably just wouldn't have the same vivid colors.

SarahS said...

How fun:)