Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Seeing Double

Beautiful Water Color by Xenia Katheryn

Beautiful Children by an Amazingly Creative God!

I don't know if you took a close-up look at K.T.'s artwork before this post, but it is now hanging happily on my living room wall, matted in red and sporting a white frame
(on my yellow wall).
I absolutely LOVE it!  
It makes me smile every time I pass by it, or stop to study it.

I have always been on the giving end of commissioned art, and
drawn lots of children over the years (I'm not sure I've ever drawn all six of my own, though this inspires me).
NEVER have I received a caricature of my own children by another artist!
This is SO FUN!

*Note:  my sister Mattie Grace has drawn several renditions of my children before Bryce, but none large enough to hang on the wall.
Mattie is an incredibly talented artist and I hope she'll paint my kiddos one day.  If she does, her artwork too, will have a  prominent place in m living room:-)

Okay now, here's a piece of useless trivia that I thought some of you would enjoy 
(especially YOU K.T.)
Some of you may remember that Xenia Katheryn (also known here as K.T.) surprised me with her subject matter.
I could have not been more delighted, but was especially tickled that the children actually HAVE the clothes she painted them wearing! When I saw this I really wanted to get them all dressed up and take a picture to match the pose she painted.

Today I did.
K.T.'s painting was not commissioned from this picture, 
this picture was inspired by her painting. HA!

I couldn't believe that the children went along with me on this.  
It's actually true that Lina has sunglasses like the ones K.T. painted, and we have that book too 
(did you know that Xenia?)
but... one doesn't hope to get ALL the props right on the same day,
in the same State,
...before the children outgrow their clothes.

Today was the first time the boys have worn these Fleeces,
but yes, they were in my possession before the artwork was born.

Anyhow, I guess "YES way!"

Tell me what you think.


Jim said...

Way too much fun!!! Love the watercolor! Love the pix!! Love those children!!!!!

Xenia Kathryn said...

Oh my goodness, Analene!!!! That is so precious, I just love it! I feel so honored to have inspired such an incredibly cute photo of your kids :D I took "notes" of your sweet kids from some of your other blog photos, and so that's how they're clothes match :D hahaha.

Thank you so much, this is so sweet! Your children are so precious, I had a great time making that for you!

By the way, visitors are CONSTANTLY complimenting us on your painting! It hangs beautifully in our livng room, and garners lots of attention. People assume I did it, but I'm more than happy and eager to pass the praise your direction :)

I hope you and your family are well! Sounds like you've been a busy mama and wife up there at Marvel Hill! Your days are full, but beyond blessed, I imagine!

Much love,
Xenia Kathryn (K.T.)

Sarah said...

That is perfectly precious.

SarahS said...

Too fun :)

Andi said...

That's adorable! I still have a similar drawing of my 5 girls all lined up that you did for me! I'm glad we got a chance to visit last time you were in CA. Now that I'm back in blogland I hope to keep up with you more!

Momma Bug said...

Oh Andi!

I really loved that picture:-)
It's still one of my favorites!

It was wonderful to see you too. Makes me long for Heaven - hopefully it's coming soon!

Go get that Adrenal Fatigue book I was telling you about. S&S has it.

Love you,

Ashley said...

oh, that is so cute!! you have the cutest kiddos. :)

Mattie is such an amazing artist!! she entered some in the fair; we are going tomorrow and i can't wait to see it.

i love the giant artwork hanging in your parents kitchen (or it used to actually). and the two you did for Andi are beautiful. great artist's seem to run in family, huh? :D


The Zimmerman Family said...

Too cute! What a fun idea!!!

Diane said...

that is SO creative! I love it. So fun. Thanks for sharing!