Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spying on you Dolly

She looks like a little Doll, doesn't she?

This is my Book Girl.  She literally pours over them.
I love it, and I love to catch her at it when she doesn't know she's being watched.

Carolina's been talking up a storm recently and says some wonderfully fun things, for instance she calls her Chap stick: "Precious Lips"  Perhaps that means beautiful.  I don't know.

Yesterday I asked her what she wanted for lunch.  "Pah Corn!"  Says she.
"Pop Corn?" I respond.  "How about I make pop corn for a snack later today."
"No," she tells me without hesitation "Pah Corn for LUNCH!"
And she got her way.  That's what being the baby is all about; in fact I suspect that if we have ten more children Carolina will always be "the baby".  Or at least one of them.  Around here we call it "the cuteness factor"  and she does it well.  Very well!
Thing is, no one minds and we all look at each other and shrug sheepishly "She sure is working the cuteness factor!"  you'll hear the poor sucker say, and whomever is looking on nods in pity and grins with understanding.

It's a hard pill to take.  Just look at the picture again, you'll understand.


LindaFaye said...

She's beautiful!! We have some serious cuteness factor kids around here too.

Jessa Irene (Holiday-Haven) said...

After reading that post I it is not hard to tell who she gets the cuteness from and she is adorable. Had a friend that actually stacked up a bunch of dolls and put her little one in the middle of all of them and took a photo. At first glance it was hard to tell the kiddo from the dolls.

SarahS said...

She is so beautiful! And adorable :)

I sympathise with her on the popcorn issue :D We sometimes have it for dinner around here.

Joshua talked me into buckling his seatbelt last night. I told him he was perfectly capable of doing it himself, as i rounded the van to do it for him lol! He smiled so sweetly and I told him he was too cute for his own good (which he has heard before) and he smiled even bigger and gave me a big kiss. THEN he announced that he is using all the cuteness he can before it is gone!!!! When I got done chuckling behind my hand I told him he would ALWAYS be cute to me! Then he said he'd be using his cuteness on people besides mama and grammi who wouldn't always think he was cute lol

Diane said...

She can melt my heart any day, so I get it. Still hoping to to witness more of the "cuteness factor" myself this is on my ind quite a bit these days.

Love you,

~Just Me~ said...

Too precious! We call it the cuteness factor around here too. Love your blog. :)