Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Past

Yesterday's jewel:

A Western Tanager in a Cedar tree just outside the kitchen window.
Thanks Lord!  Wow!

After I got my "chores" done today, I was allowed to go play in my garden.
Yesterday I planted most all my seeds (excepting the melon and squash which won't be planted within the fenced area), and today emptied a packet each of Zinnias, Morning Glories, and Nasturtiums (Nasturtiums are edible, you know).  Olivia helped me move some Hens and Chicks, and a Strawberry plant from last year.

It was a good time for burning brush this weekend because of the drizzly weather, and so I took pictures from the upstairs porch!

Look what a nice view of our garden from up here.

My!  That is ONE BIG WORM you dug up son!!

I had sporadic help with planting seeds these last couple days, which is fine with me because I don't mind having my thoughts to myself (which is very hard to have with eleventy-hundred questions flying at you non-stop).

On one occasion when I asked several children for help and they declined with a "no thank you, mom", I did trouble myself to remind them of The Little Red Hen...

Despite their propensity to vanish when I wanted them, I had about six extra hands helping with the hose this afternoon when I began to water.  Sorry, don't have any pictures of that.  I can testify, however, that watering wasn't the work ;-)

When I finally shooed the "help" and got to hold the hose unaided, I couldn't help thinking to myself:
"I might like to be a Farmer when I grow up, yeah... I just might!"


Jess said...

I am loving a vicarious spring at your place while I bunker down for a baby birthing winter at mine - it makes me feel twice as productive ;)

Momma Bug said...

That's a super way to look at things!
So... maybe if you have a baby for the two of us, I could put off being pregnant for a while?