Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dreaming ip a Garden: Elbowgrease and Dirt

It started with a fence the Deer couldn't jump (or so we hope-with-all-our-heart!)
*This garden venture had a LOT of help from Uncle Wyatt and also Uncle Char and Auntie Hannah

Turning the soil and building boxes.

A hard worker!!  Who needs sunshine when you've got a smile like that hanging around?

A boy and some mud.

A LOT of mud.

Is there any mud left in the mud puddle  son?

Sweet cousins doing their part and looking darling.

Going to fetch some soil from down at the creek.  I mean... "crick".
It's not necessary to wait for Autumn and a hay ride when you've got a trailer, a quad, and some dirt to fetch at the crick.

And an Uncle.

I guess there was a sale at Sportsman's Warehouse?  So cute, guys!

One last thing, you can just get so much more done when you have a face like this around.

It's true!


SarahS said...

Looks like a blast! :) And a lot of hard work ;) Super cute kiddos too...

I keep wandering out to check on my greens and see if they've grown since yesterday :P Can't WAIT for all the yummy produce!

Xenia Kathryn said...

Hey Analene! What a fun childhood your kids get to experience! "Hayrides" and mud and helping out, getting fresh air and stuff! Wonderful :D I hope you are well!!

LindaFaye said...

I can't wait to see what you grow in there! I thought of you this morning when I saw raccoon prints on my car. I know you have much bigger critters there, but for us raccoons and skunks are our forest creatures. :)

Katie said...

I hope your garden grows better than mine! I have had a hard time with the altitude and the short growing season. Frost has already taken out my crop this year that I planted a few weeks ago and now I am going to try again this week with some fresh plants. Not quite like gardening in California when you live in the mountains! Can't wait to see how it grows.

JMB said...

The layout of your garden looks wonderful. I know you will enjoy it's rewards. Here is the south, I already have many things growing. So far we have enjoyed lettace. Is your "Mother Earth News" helping with ideas and information? Your children are so lucky to have such a fun childhood. What a blessing.
Your friend in Texas,

2homeschool said...

Oh, beautiful sunshine! :-) I'm missing all of you, looking at those wonderful pictuers. :-)

Life here is almost as exciting as always. As I'm sure you could tell from some of my e-mails. Right now we have a small cold. Not to bad. Still ok to play outside.

Our garden doesn't match yours at all. Ours is very creative and a lot less orginized. Oh, you'll see what I mean when I post pictures. Hee, hee. Compaired to ours yours looks like the tajmahal of gardens. :-)

Anyhow, I hope you guys are staying warm.
Love, Heather