Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dear Colorado...

I can see those wonderful place names on the Feedjit.  It makes me homesick for you dear and wonderful women!
I am very tired tonight.  Can't begin to say how much fun I am having living in the woods here - even without and indoor shower and toilet.  It seems like the whole day is full of chores: coffee on; oatmeal on; Bryce fed; coffee off; oatmeal turned down; breakfast for Dad; dish up food for kiddos; solid Food for Bryce; coffee for Dad; wash up kiddos; school; bread-making; diaper-changing; more coffee for Dad; Lunch for kiddos; Lunch for Dad: and on and on (with Dad-care being a common {and happily tended to} theme).

I like my days being filled this way.  It feels very right.  Very real and tangible.  I see the goals, they loom immediately before me and require attention now.  Always and ever "now".  Once one thing is completed, there is another, and another...
Only by sheer willpower do I manage to steal an hour for fort-building, or tree trimming, or garden watering.  It's a little maddening when I want to get out so badly and still have to find a hat for Who, and shoes for Her, and stroller for Him, one more coffee, one more diaper!
It really makes me appreciate having an outhouse - it gets me out of the zoo during the day :-)
Occasionally I wonder if I'd allow myself to act on the impulse not to return to those chores...

It's okay though.  You know, I prefer to have more than I can do in a day.  As long as someone else isn't providing me with a deadline, it's far better than not having enough to keep busy with.
All this said, it's a life to make one sleep good (assuming it was a shower night).

I've written about the garden project, you've heard about the berries and the lake.  We have our own little year-round stream at the bottom of the hill which we hope to clear a line of sight to.  The bigger Bugs helped me trim up some trees in an attempt toward achieving this goal.

AJ has been busy with work, but having him at home is bliss (even with all the coffee delivering)!  Despite all the time our "regular" chores take up, we managed to clear the tools out of the shed which will provide a solution for a home office and more importantly, a GUEST CABIN!
You heard rightly, a bona fide nest for our cherished guests.  It will be tiny, but a place of your own should you visit, complete with a few beds and maybe a few other creature comforts.
I am very excited because I know how great this will be for YOU if you come see us, and how great for US because you came.


Okay my friends.  I'm sad to be missing Titus 2 girl-nights.  Don't feel bad to be having fun without me ;-)
I love you very very very much !

Write me.

All my heart,

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Grace McHugh said...

Thinking of you as we...........are reading Catch'em alive Jack at night as a family. Wow what a man. And thinking of you as we planted our garden today.