Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wherin the forest comes alive.

The Forest People have finally begun emerge.

They hail not from the moss blanketed depths of the woods (strangely enough) nor the lush glades where sun sparkles cheerfully; rather, their kind originate from within four solid walls. A rustic (though not uncomfortable) cabin of humble proportions is where they bed down at night, and dwell for the barely-endured school hours of daylight.

However despite their docile indoor existence, the Forest People have highly adventurous hearts with which every beat throbs for the untamed outdoors; and as soon as weather and schoolmarm permit, their merry feet take them into that part of the world for which they are named - firstly the forest and after that, any wilderness which attaches itself and for which a conquering spirit is prerequisite.

The Forest People, mostly smallish,  blend in with their mountain-colored surroundings. 
They can be seen climbing on rocks and trees of large dimension, or mucking through snow run-off and mud.
Especially mud.
Boots are worn at nearly every season for obvious reasons:
Forrest People like mud.

People of the Forest tend to run in bands of two or more, their group often as large as seven in number.
Though I fore-mentioned that Forrest People are "mostly smallish", it's true that larger versions can regularly be spotted where mud and tree abound.

In Summer the Forest Peoples appearance comes alive in vibrant hue, almost as if to compete with the wild Strawberry and native flowers in every happy color. At that warmer time of year a bluish stain around the mouth is a tell tale indicator that you that you are face to face with a Forest Person in true blood.
It is also at this time that you must be most careful, because if introduced by the Forest People to the Mountain Huckleberry (from which the blue stain hails), one has an almost certainty of falling in love with the forests of the far North and the endearing People who dwell within.


Grace McHugh said...

I love your forest people. Carhart brown, camo.........topped ith pink hats. And muck boots! No home is complete without Wellingtons or some form of muck boots. Wonderful writing Analene, I loved your words.

LindaFaye said...

Your Forest People are great!! I feel like I am eaves dropping on your life. Thanks so much for sharing. It's fun to see your happy family and remember our YWAM times. What a blessing that our paths have crossed!!

SarahS said...

Love, love, love!!!! :D

Momma Bug said...

Grace, I think of you every time Sue wears that hat. She bought it herself and I agree, the magenta pink tops the woodland camo nicely ;-) That hat even has a band of sequins around it - that little bit of "bling" you are always talking about!

Linda, I think it's strange that I know you because of one YWAM experience and Sarah because of a second YWAM experience and that you two are friends because of a totally separate YWAM experience. I guess we must be kindred spirits :-)
I love you both; am thrilled that you are continuing on the hard road - that narrow path. Raising families is not a cake walk, but we could all do to relax and learn to joy in it more. I'm blessed by you as well, and Sarah - your heart humbles me all the time.
I am thankful for our girl-hood comraderie, and today I am even more grateful for the friendship we share as women.

Diane said...

You amaze me in all your writings. I have gone amiss from the blog world for awhile and am missing you terribly, so tonight I am catching up on your happenings and thinking that a phone call must be due soon. Oh how I miss you Analene. Love you so much.