Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Did I tell you about... The Chair?

All afternoon was spent on it.
The fervor and ambition of two boys.
Some figuring, some building;

Dad's new cordless screwdriver...
It was a quiet afternoon for me, to say the least!

A little trying it out.

Ah..... not bad for a days work!

Those beaming faces say it all.
 "It's for Lina, Mom"

Unfortunately "Lina" wouldn't sit on it for her brothers.  She insisted that she already had a chair.
Bryce liked it though.  
I'm sorry I didn't have the camera for that, 
but in actuality it took all my too-few hands to prop little brother in this fine creation, 

Don't you just love BOYS?!!!


SarahS said...

Why yes I do, love boys :D

Great job guys! How thoughtful to make a chair for your sister :)

Grace McHugh said...

I love it! The looks on the faces says it all. Boys need the freedom to create, make mistakes and figure things out...........with us momma's looking over their shoulder and correcting. A beautiful chair........and I love their hearts were thinking of their little sister in all of this.

Lady Jess said...

What great little builders they are!