Friday, November 21, 2008

Some Numbers to Think About

I am not a happy camper as far as my little blogging world is concerned.

I burned up my camera battery (before I got to take any pictures of the children), and discovered that I left both my charger, AND replacement battery in Colorado.

I'm not happy Bob. NOT HAPPY.

As consolation, I am telling myself that I left the house on rather short notice, so in that case my forgetfulness might be forgivable!

On the upside, not having my camera has not stopped me from living life (I'm sure you are relieved to know I can survive without that thing!), and I have bee keeping very very busy with lots and lots of fun.
And children...
...lots and LOTS of children! :-)

Here's a riddle for you:

What would you do if you were...

2 friends

with 10 children

and 0 husbands

in 1 house

functioning on 4 hours sleep

stepping on 500 (or so) toys

changing 430,000,000 diapers (or so it seems!)

dodging 5 Kung Fu warriors

using 1 and 1/2 loaves of bread for lunch...

...for people that are under 4 feet tall

and fixing 16 corn dogs and about 1,000 tater tots for dinner.


You'd paint the kitchen red.

Insane I know, but there wouldn't be a list like you read above, if it weren't already true.
Being insane is the only way to get things done; but we like it that way!

You have to admit... We are pretty fun! ;-)


Lady Jess said...

Aaaahhh! That would be my answer.

Anonymous said...

Well, I would paint the kitchen blue, but that's just me. And I'd drink coffee - lots and lots of coffee, and I don't like coffee. It sounds like a *wonderful* time. I can't wait to share late nights with you at Marvel Hill.

Love you!

Photo Momma said...

I am sure you are thankful for a friend to share all that with :) That would be the best part of all those numbers.

Momma Bug said...

So what shade of blue will we paint YOUR kitchen Mrs. Neighbor?

I can't wait!

And on the coffee note, I'm with you.
O stopped in the lobby of the hotel to get a cup of coffee one day last week, and my children almost keeled over!
What? MOM? Only DAD drinks coffee!

Well, not any more kiddos! I discovered the waking power of this stuff when it was my turn to drive, and I will drink it if I must stay awake!

Only with enough sugar, cream, and chocolate added (if any are available!)

Wish you had been here!

Home School Dawn said...

I'm Home School Dawn, a fellow Best New Homeschool Blog Award nominee. I have posted an homage to all the nominees in our category. Come check it out!
Congratulations on a great honor. I enjoyed the competition.

gramsie said...

OhNOohNOohNO!!! Life without photos--almost unbearable!!! Don't know if I can survive until you get a new battery for that camera.... :-0

Will have to do the best I can, but you know how much I look forward to every peek at each beloved face!

Is Courtney's kitchen the deep red yours was in LosMo? Guess we could call that color LasLinas Red--it is also the same color as the LasLinas red rose I collected from that dear spot. It is still blooming, by the way--I'll have to send a pic.

Angela said...

That sounds like something I would do. You must be having loads of fun with your friend and all the children!

Anonymous said...

*We* will paint my kitchen a deep cobalt blue. It will be wonderful to have grown up help with a job like that. ;-)

I started drinking a little coffee after my 4th was born. I just needed that extra boost, but I never did acquire a taste for it. That is unless it's totally loaded with sugary stuff - like the cheap cappuccinos at the gas stations. And that has so much bad for you stuff in it that I can't justify it more than very rarely.

I found another great reason for having terrific neighbors today - especially where we'll be living. With great neighbors you can leave the children behind when you have to go the the hospital to reattach the tip of your husband's thumb. Yeah, it's been a fun day! (We didn't have that far to go today, and since our oldest is 14 we left the children home, but I'm not sure how comfortable I'd be doing that at our place next to Marvel Hill without you guys up there.) I can't wait till we're neighbors all the time.

Love you!

Momma Bug said...


What was he doing?!!

I have had the same thought. There is great comfort in knowing your friends are nearby when you need a hand post haste!


Anonymous said...

Don't laugh. No, I'm serious, don't laugh. He was cutting the cheese! His thumb slipped and he nearly sliced the whole tip off - through the nail and everything. They super glued it together. Blick!

Ashley said...

Analene, I tagged you for a book meme. You haven't been tagged for that one have you? I couldn't remember. :-)

Diane said...

So when you get home you can read this, everyone is praying for you. We love you! God is taking care you and I know His angels are surrounding you. Love you sweet Analene.

Ashley said...

God bless you Love Family. I am praying for you, and your amily Analene.