Saturday, July 9, 2011

A few birthday pictures

Zachary wanted to buy gifts for his cousins and brothers and sisters.
A bit of a twist on the usual tradition, eh?  Not your average 10 year old boy.

Bandannas for the boys
Nail polish for the girls
Awesome car for Bryce
Lotion for Auntie Hannah
Jalapeno Jelly for Uncle Char...

Brother knows just what a guy likes!

And Uncle Charlie does too, apparently.
What guy doesn't need a rifle scope or some fishing tackle?

No presents from mom and dad though.
There was a note sending him on a treasure hunt!

What to bring bring:

Ink Pen

X marked the spot here on the sawdust hill, and under it was buried some trail mix
and map to find the next clue.

There were a couple codes to crack.

Compass points to plot.

A tree to chop down.

Another code.

All leading to this:

The afternoon was spent learning to pilot this thing, then reading  a new Tom Swift book
while the battery charged, then flying, then reading, flying, reading, flying, reading....
It was about as good as birthdays get!
And then...

Our friend Mr.C came to the party.

Birthday... pie?
That's what the big guy requested, and helped make it to boot!

Stlll, candles must be licked.

It seems two little boys thought the candles were being eaten.  So they followed suit with thoroughness.
I can only imagine that candles are disappointing as food.

The pie was a bit more satisfying :-)

And that Lollipop that Olivia gave Zack - now THAT was Mm-mm GOOD.

Happy Birthday Buddy!
Please don't start turning 11 until one FULL year of being ten.


Sally said...

Thanks for inviting us to the party too! We loved the photo tour of all the events and the happy face of the birthday boy. We love you!

Julze said...

What a wonderful FUN birthday party! My kids LOVED treasure hunts too...Rosie, my 18 year old STILL loves them hehe!

Thanks for sharing Zac's special day with us...Blessings and hugs from Julia

Tiffany said...

You have an amazing young man growing right in front of you! Thank you for sharing! I've seen that you have visited my blog a few times (by your comments) and I was going to let you know I've put in on "private mode" but if your interested I'll be more than happy to put you "on the list" :) just email me your email and I'll sign you up! tiff . littleone [at] gmail . com :)

Cinnamon said...

What a fun day!! Adventure, family, codes to crack... you guys sure know how to make a birthday AWESOME :-)

Happy Birthday Zachary~

~Cinnamon said...

AWESOME! Happy Birthday to him :-)