Friday, July 15, 2011

Wishful Thinking

I wish those cherries would come to me.
I wish mom would take that camera back to wherever it came from.
I wish she'd turn the other way too.
Or close her eyes.
I wish...

I wish  my arms were longer
I wish my chair was closer
I wish my tongue could reach from here.

I wish cherries were for dinner.
 I wish I didn't have to wait.
I wish my powers of persuasion to be larger than they are.
I wish...

I wish my sister for an accomplice.
I wish my brother'd help me out.
I wish that daddy was near by.
He'd understand.

I wish that I was bigger.
I wish that I could be "in charge"
I wish that everyone would take a hike and let me be.

I wish that Gramsie bought those cherries.
I wish that Grama filled the bowl.
I wish that someone would have compassion on poor little me!

I wish...

I wish it was dessert time.
I wish rosy red-toned jewels for a snack.
I wish, oh how I wish 
those cherries 
would come 


Courtney said...

Oh my friend, this made me giggle. I love it.

Pam... said...

You are one funny mommy.
Do you think God has a blog and writes stuff like this about what we are thinking too?

Sally said...

I wish I were close enough to hand him one :o)


Cinnamon said...

Give that boy a cherry for being so cute!

And give YOU a hug. Go ahead....wrap both arms around you tight and smile :-)

Now go eat a cherry yourself~


SarahS said...

What a CUTE picture!!!!! He's So adorable :D

How are we Mama's supposed to behave with kids that cute ;-)

Dawn said...

I wish I could see his eyes sparkle when he finally gets to eat one!

Momma Bug said...

He DID enjoy those cherries when his time had finally come!
This guy's a hard one to say no to ;-D

The Zimmerman Family said...

Yes, I think that's definitely what he was thinking. : ) Too cute! said...

i love cherries!! my kids do too :-) theres a great organic place in bonners to get them now. its georgia early (in the phone book) also known as paradise farms.... you can pick with your kids :-)