Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lily Lippers and Moments that pass too quickly

"Lily Lippers..." she said. 
Then, "Lily Leopard...?" no that's not it either.
"Lily Tiger... AH!   

Susanna and the the McGillicutty trait.  The one inherited from me.  MY side of the family.
Affectionately and with humored reverence referenced by my maiden name
(which, by the way, isn't really McGillicutty)
The McGillicutty brain remembers things in gist's and catalogues them
by what they look like or sound similar to.

We're good at Pictionary.  

I have the McGillicutty trait.  My brother Char.  Molly. 
My son Clayton has it in spades!
This time Susanna was trying to remember the name of a wild flower.
It can be hard for outsiders to translate, but we on the in - we understand each other
almost perfectly.  It's almost like a code.  Crack it if you dare!

I wonder if Aloria will have the McGillicutty trait?

Miss "Crazy Hair" Mercy squeaky clean after a bath.

Don'tcha know that life is made up of moments?  And moments on moments?
We can't afford to miss these moments!

You can capture some pretty fun moments by spying on your little people.

In his last days as a single digit number, my 9 year old son Zachary built a sail boat.
He is our "Man with a plan".  His plans are usually bigger than our means or abilities,
but this time the entire project was executed and completed on his own (with some help from brother).

There were numerous obstacles discovered along the way
such as getting the boat to float upright.

But one thing was tried, then another, and like Edison and the first light bulb
Zachary ended with a long list of things that wouldn't work.

But by persistence he solved the puzzle and victory tasted Oh so sweet!

Maiden voyage

Last adjustments.

More moments to savor.

"Bye Folks!  See if you can't sneak a few moments of your own!"


Cinnamon said...

I'm up waaaay too late tonight. I am hoping I will not regret it in the morning. My mind is full and I am missing my green eyed soldier very much tonight.

So I'm up reading your latest happenings :-)

I *love* miss Crazy hair!!! She just keeps gettin' cuter and cuter.

I soooo know what you mean about categorizing like that!! I'm so glad you do it too!! I feel a bit more normal now :-)

What a great boat Zachary!!! Soon it will be a Tom Sawyer raft. Then a little boat you build all by yourself that you and your brother can fit it. Great things are in store for you Zachary....great things!

Every time you show your children walking in the forest with greenery all around them I see poison ivy :-/ (in my mind that is) and I start to itch! When we lived in CA we had 10 acres of poison ivy. I had that for a year straight. I've never itched so much in my entire life!!

Love all your beautiful pictures Analene~


Sally said...

Thanks so much for the photo tour of the latest happenings--hard to believe how much those little ones grow up before my eyes in these posts! We are so proud of Zack's follow-through on the boat project--it looks just wonderful! Can hardly wait to talk to him about it again. How these 10 years have flown!

SarahS said...

I LOVE the picture of Bryce's little feet, one sandal one bare!! And Aloria's bright little face:)

Way to keep at it Zachary:)