Thursday, July 7, 2011


(original courtesy of Katie Watkins photography)

You're ten years old today.

I knew it would go by in a wink, but still I was shocked when it did.

One day a round-faced toddler cautious of heights, cautious of snakes, 
The next day growing into a boy ready to conquer fears in any shape.  
Any form.

Lover of life.  

Dreamer of big unfathomable dreams. 

You have vision.  And sometimes it's hard for you to remember all the other important things.  people.  
in your dedicated forging ahead. 
One tiny reminder whispering in your ear what is the truly valuable
and your course is adjusted within seconds.  Though no less determined.  
I always stand in awe.
You bless me.

Zachary my botanist.  Cataloguing plant names, 
flower names, berry and mushroom names, medicinal properties, and the poisonous varieties to avoid.
Machine fanatic you've always been, operating tractors since age three.  

Remember the time you drove while daddy 
stood on the box scraper 
so you could  spread gravel on our driveway?  

I do.  You must have been about 4, 
and your smile says it all!

Oh Zachary!  It is bitter bitter sweet 
watching you turn into a young man.

I am not ready to part with my round-faced toddler, 
yet there are people who'd give their life and limb to watch their children grow up.  
So I will choose to remember it's a privilege 
to see every step over every new threshold.  
It's a honor to be YOUR mom.  
To witness the transformation from little boy to capable man.  
I am so thankful for this opportunity!  

And you...

You always have,
and you always will...

amaze me.

I love you Zachary Christian!

So thankful to be your


Courtney said...

Happy Birthday!! Zachary
From, Caleb

Cassandra Lonestar said...

This post was so encouraging. Our 5 year old also has so many cautions and I always felt that these would define him the rest of his life. But your post proves otherwise and I also see that creativity in him like you see in your son.I am so worried about "breaking" my child that in the process of avoiding it I did damage him, and now I am trying to repair the cracks. Learning to step back and love him and enjoy him has been my biggest lesson. You are a wonderful writer! I would have loved to have known you better and could really use someone like you in my life. Looks like I need to pray for just that! :)

Courtney said...

Happy Birthday, Zachary! The Smith Family loves you!!

Stephen, Courtney, and kiddos

Sally said...

A day filled with memories....and reminders of just how fast the years fly....again....


Cinnamon said...

What a sweet birthday wish to your little, I mean, Big boy :-)

Happy Birthday!!!!!!
Can't wait to see what great things God has planned for you!


Katie said...

I have a few pictures from the day of Zachary's birth and I was just looking at them as I was going through pictures a few weeks ago. It is amazing that he is already 10!! Happy birthday Mr. Zachary!

SarahS said...

Wow! How fast the days go by. Happy Birthday Zachary! :)

Julze said...

Happy 10th Birthday Zachary!