Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Doin's Around Here...

I love Summer for picture taking!  I am betrayed by my Picasa album where June shows over 1000 photos.
Because of that, I have to publish posts like these requiring very little written effort and a whole lot of time
to upload because of visual volume.

My children are just discovering my blog for themselves and  enjoy scrolling through the archives.
It makes all the memory-recording seem truly worthwhile!

This bunch was taken on a little walk down the drive.  Susanna requested this ribbon tied in her hair
and I took such pleasure in seeing it all day!

This guy was on his stomach hunting for frogs in a puddle.

Wild Roses are finally blooming way up here on the mountain.  Twinkles of pink everywhere.
I am gifted with daisy chains and bouquets in a rainbow of colors every day - spring and summer
have finally arrived and at the same time no less!


Sally said...

Oh beautiful greeeeennnn! Love Susie's bow--must get big ribbons for all the girlies! So romantic--like a princess in a lovely story.


SarahS said...

Love, love, love all your beautiful pictures :)

Cinnamon said...

What a wonderful driveway that must be to meander along and have such a beautiful view all around.

I love the snippets of your summer and seeing the kids so carefree~


Pam... said...