Monday, July 11, 2011

Why, Hello. And who might YOU be?

We made few props for Auntie Em
who is wanting a photo booth
at her wedding reception.

We thought we'd better try them out

to see if they work.

I was surprised to discover people I didn't know existed.

I must admit,
They were VERY fun people to meet!

Poirot stroked his own magnificent mustache tenderly.
"It is an art," he murmured, 
"the growing of the mustache! 
I have sympathy for all who attempt it."
~Agatha Christie~

In all honesty, I didn't know I had such comedians!
Just put 'em behind a debonair mustache
or cherry red lips
and see what I mean.

We love you Auntie Em! 
(and soon-to-be-Uncle Shane!)


Courtney said...

Too cute! Love you, Courtney

Cinnamon said...

Hilarious!! What fun they had~ '

And you, quite the moooosh-tash (as my little ones would say) artist :-)


Sally said...

Priceless!! The one of Bryce takes the cake!!!

Pam... said...

Our future in their hands! yay!
You all are just too funny.
Hey, thanks for the comment on my recent post. I have been thinking about what you said a lot about what we have 'not being our own'. Thanks for wrapping your comment in love too. Contentment is a jewel. Some days I forget that.

Shauna said...

What's this? Emma's getting MARRIED!?! Somehow I still see her as that adorable little toddler I loved to come to your house to play with. Be sure to tell her I'm thrilled for her and have an amazing time celebrating with her. said...


AmeliaBlue's Momma said...

HaHa! They are so cute. I miss them.