Friday, February 20, 2009


It was apples tonight. We dipped them in a combination of pineapple and lemon juice first. I'll let you know if they turned out!
We also made ready some more jerky meat - it's marinating tonight, and I actually made the marinade from scratch: Soy sauce, lots of fresh garlic, maple syrup, and apricot jam. I'll let you know how that one comes out too:-)

AJ and the kiddos played with the new vacuum packer and much fun was had by all! Boy! I will say again, how LITTLE the food looks once dried! Especially vacuum sealed!
I guess I didn't take pictures, but maybe in the next day or two.

Oh! I almost forgot... I got some gifts from my honey tonight. The children helped him wrap them, and at dinner they sang "Happy Birthday" to me (even though it is NOT my birthday) - quite fun!
When on his travels last week he went to Barnes and Noble. This is what he bought me:-)

And... Viola!

Some really great resources, and that top one has some beautiful hand-drawn artwork of various fruits and vegetables in it. It's worth opening just for the eye pleasure!

Thanks my Darlin'!! Thanks for thinking of me:-)


Lady Jess said...

How sweet! :)

jenny said...

oooohhhh, aaaaahhhh! want reviews on those books, my lady! what a fun surprise.

whatcha going to do with the apples? how long does it take to dehydrate? love those vacuum sealers. i have had success with freezing in those too.

love you!

2homeschool said...

I am back! My trip, was trip. Tell you about it someday... After the Lord and I have had a little chat I am sure.


Got to go see the explorit in Davis.

Cool. Small but cool. Every single thing in the place was hands on. I am sure one of those places that the kids will remember.

I'z up late. Need MY OWN BED.

Lots of love. Can't wait to hear how you liked the new books.

princessmama said...

Ooooooo! Books! :-) What a sweet surprise. I'm glad you have your sweetie home, it's no fun being without.

Yum, i love dehydrated fruit. Especially home made. I was always looking at the dried mangos in the store all packed full of sugar and thinking "i wonder if they just don't work without it" so, i grabbed a mango and tried it. It was soooo yummy! And it tasted like mango, not like sugar
;-). We love to get bananas on sale at costco and dry tons at a time. The challenge is getting them put away before they are all eaten:)

Glad you are having fun with the dehydrating. Love you guys...