Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Big Shoes To Fill...

Tonight when I was a floor level playing with Carolina, I found myself gazing wistfully at this empty pair of boots.

My beloved is working out of town again, and any little distance seems too far when he's away.
You see, that fellow is my best friend!

The evenings drag out to amazing lengths when he's away. When he's here, there's never enough time.

The bed is a lot roomier, but my feet get cold at night.

It's a lot quieter when he's not here. A din of hoots and hollers usually herald his arrival home from work.

My protector,

my provider,

my companion,

my comrade.

My cheerleader,

my fearless leader,

my inspiration,

my friend.

"Most will proclaim every one his own goodness: but a faithful man who can find?"
Proverbs 20:6

When he is gone, it gives me pause to consider just how hard it would be to fill those boots.
I know I couldn't do it! It is a welcome opportunity to tally up all the wonderful things about my husband, and to thank the Lord for HIS love reflected so brilliantly through the love and care of my husband. I am lonely when that fellow is away, but aren't reunions wonderful?!
- Especially when you realize the greatness and blessing that fills those big shoes by the door:-)


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful, Analene. Praying that he comes home safely very soon! I used to be able to get a lot done when Mr. King was traveling, but the longer we've been married, the more I feel completely disconnected when he is away. And, yes, those homecoming reunions are so sweet!!!

Lady Jess said...

Aaah, how sweet. Your husband is truly blessed by you. :)

princessmama said...

So true...

Carrie's Blog said...

Oh, may I ditto your thoughts as the girls and I spend a weekend together without our hero.