Saturday, February 14, 2009

For Dad , From Two Boys

This is the Lego creation recently built by Zack.

Personally I don't think Lego can compete with Zack's original designs. They're pretty impressive!

Notice the tail and red missiles?

The detachable back end?

Well done buddy!

Here's the signature of my other son Clay: he climbs.

Apparently his climbing is not limited to fences and trees, and especially if it's a cold Saturday afternoon and one is still wearing pajamas;-)

Yeah buddy!


Mommy Reg said...

Very impressive boys you have! I have a door climber too. I have no idea how boys come up with such amazing designs with the legos. I am confined to such primitive ideas like a house or a pyramid.

Katrina said...

Wow! Both of them are pretty cool! I have never seen a kid do the door climbing thing! Really, I haven't though I have 3 boys of my own... that's amazing! :O

Diane said...

Those door climbing pics are impressive! How fun. Miss you.

Anonymous said...

way to go clay! it's obvious he got those sweet climbing skills from his auntie!
(he he he)
i'm proud of you clay!

Zach's creations are pretty impressive too! however, he must have had those jeans from his uncles!

way to go bugglets!
hey, why don't you call your auntie em sometime?

see you soon

Anonymous said...

sooo... why did'ya take me of your blog list?
hmmmm... seems suspicious!

it's all good!
just curious, thats all

Momma Bug said...

I like to keep my blog list current with people who actually POST on their blog.
Are you posting again?
I'll put you back on the A list!

We'll call you soon. I've been sick with the flu this weekend.
Love you Emma!