Monday, February 16, 2009

Ugh... And UGH again!


Sick this weekend, but thankfully, the children aren't overlapping with me.
Worse than being sick is being sick and cleaning up someone else's vomit.

I don't know what I would have done without Zachary yesterday since I could barely make it out of bed to get to the bathroom.
He took care of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Kept an eye on Lina, and ran errands for me all day.

Better today, but still pretty punk. Thank you LORD for ever little "better" though! It is only five thirty, but I am counting the minutes until an early bed time.
AND... I am very thankful for a toilet and sink close to the bed (as opposed to an outhouse).
There is reason to give thanks in EVERY circumstance!!!

Amongst them:

The children who weren't sick and are getting quite capable.
The children who weren't sick (I will gladly list that again to reiterate my relief!)
Uncle Wyatt being home yesterday, which gave me peace of mind if anyone really needed help.
Plenty of food in the house.
That is AJ wasn't here to assist, at lest he wasn't here to share the bug!
For a good nights sleep.
For Ginger ale and Saltine crackers :-}
For a body that will fight a mean ol' germ!
For vegetable soup.
For a laptop:-)
And again... for my children, who are NOT sick, and are a great source of help and entertainment, and company!
I am thankful:-)


TasJess said...

It's great your little ones aren't sick. Put your feet up and take it easy! If it weren't for the commute I'd bring you some chicken soup - those pesky oceans and international date lines!!

Momma Bug said...

Yes, it would be a bit of a commute..
The wonderful thing to me, is that I have such a dear friend so far away:-)
Thank you friend!


Grace McHugh said...

Oh so sorry my friend! You know I am just a phone call away. :) Praying for healing and for your kiddo's protection.

jenny said...

oh no!!! stop that right now! what a sweet boy you have, taking care of his momma and the house. praying that they don't get it and you recover asap!!!

love to you.

Momma Bug said...

Thanks Jenny, That's my plan... starting with going strait to bed. NOW! And I hear that you are an angel in disguise;-)

I hope your family is staying well!

Love ya,