Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fish Oil - BLECTH!

And that pretty much says it all, I think.

While I get to swallow mine in a capsule, Carolina gets half as much, so...
I squirt hers out of the capsule.
I learned the hard way. Fish Oil tastes exactly as its name implies: fishy. And it makes everything it comes in contact with taste that way too, which isn't so palatable as say: maple syrup and fish flavored yogurt. Thankfully for her I tasted it first, and decided that fish oil is better taken in one fell swoop. One bite and it's all over with. Then you can commence with the sweet tasting yogurt or applesauce sans the fish.
I have even spilled the rank tasting/smelling stuff on my hand, and let me tell you, it doesn't wash off easily! It also adds to the aroma of an already nasty diaper change.

Anyway... in one bite. That's my advice!


jenny said...

EEEWWW!!!! I have so been there with the smell on the hands!

Have you considered giving her a flavored liquid form, such as Carlson's Lemon flavored? My children beg for it. No fishy. No stinky. No bleck!

Mommy Reg said...

I will keep that piece of info tucked away for future reference. :)

heidi said...

I agree, just take it in one gulp, don't prolong the issue. I take a few of those and by chance have to give omegas to my dog (so I know the smell ending up on my hands). I buy a lemongrass handsoap and dawn w/bleach and it kills those fishy...garlicky...overly pungent aromas. My indoor cats escape every now and then and I lure them back w/a can of tuna and have spilt that on me while climbing a wall...ultra uber yuck. Imagine that down the front of your chest!?! Stinkology 101.

Keeping you in my prayers!!! Carolina too! =o)

Momma Bug said...

Thanks Heidi!

I don't think I'd like that stuff down my chest either! Can't imagine Husband letting me sleep in the same bed for a while ;-)

Ashley said...

Oh yes, how well I know the nasty tasting fish oil. Mom used to make use take it. Yuck! The bottle said "great tasting strawberry flavor". There was NO strawberry flavor about it.

Katrina said...

oh yes, I know what you mean!!! Yuck, yuck, yuck... can't stand the stuff!