Friday, February 6, 2009

My Jewels

My jewels, my precious jewels

Sparkling colors

Unique hues

Shapes and sizes that tickle my fancy.

Catching my eye

In the light of the Son

Reflected from a million facets.


To polish

It's a mother's job to see the imperfections

Remove the dirt

And shine some more

Then lovingly cherish their beauty



Admiring the depth of color and brilliance.

Sparkling colors

Unique hues

Of my precious, precious jewels

(This poem by me. The inspiration: my little Ones)


princessmama said...

They are so precious:) I tell mine all the time, that they are precious. When I ask if they know what that means they grin and say "treasure" :)

indueseason said...

Just beautiful, Analene!

Lady Jess said...

Very cute poem. ;)

2homeschool said...

Miss Lene, Miss Lene...

Guess What!!!! Guess What!!!

Oh, Yes!

Wonderful poem darling, simply wonderful!


Guess what!!! Guess What!!!

We are soooooo excited!!!

Andrew Passed his Test!!!!!!!

He Passed his test!!!

He was up for a promotion, but had to pass his Young Marine Written Test.


He is now a "Young Marine Private First Class!"

Tooooo Coooool!

I've got to go, Spence and I are headed out on a date, but I just had to tell you first.

Lots of luv.

jenny said...

Sooo sweet. You express yourself well in verse, my friend! And all so very true.
Hugs to you, hope to see you tomorrow.

2homeschool said...


2homeschool said...

Cheesy grin.

2homeschool said...

So, How was your date?

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