Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Neck-Deep in Piles

Well... there are still piles.
Big surprise I know.
I DID make progress today, but it is a little hard to tell since my children had their own piles going (theirs weren't nearly as helpful as I would have liked, but they did look fun!).

Anyway, we are (in effect) moving our things out of here (Colorado, where AJ's job is located) to
their permanent home at Marvel Hill.
We are still Gypsies as far as I can tell, but we are attempting to set up camp in Idaho where we might one day in the future reside.
As I type, I hear talk of mud, texture, paint, and carpet in the two upstairs rooms, and a bookcase in the living room! I'm pretty excited about that:-) That means we can set up beds when we get there - REAL beds. The kind that are mattresses on a frame! (remember we are gypsies. How did you think Gypsies slept?)

Tomorrow is the big day of finishing off the piles and packing them into the van (and I do mean pack!). Gathering the last minute grocery items to make traveling that much more pleasant; and leaving as little mess for Uncle Wyatt as we possibly can. Add to that a fair bit of hair-pulling (me pulling my own hair) because there is just too much to do, followed finally by a few hours of sleep and managing to leave anyway.

It really IS amazing how everything comes together somehow (probably miraculously) and you get out the door. With all the children, and just enough good will to last for the next twenty-one hours of driving!

Pray for me if you think of it:-)


2homeschool said...

I didn't know Gypsies slept!


Oh, I am sad. I hope your move up there doesn't mean less of you (as far as computer time and blogging).

Speaking of pink (ok, so I am a little behind),... I hope you get a chance to check out the 'pink' thing we did today!

Lots of love,

jenny said...

Sigh. I miss you dear friend. We do and will pray for you. 21 hours. Oh my!

2homeschool said...

Opps! Oh, yeah... uhumm.

I truly hope you have a SAFE and EASY trip.

Will pray.

Momma Bug said...

LOVED the pink!

Gypsies definitely NEED sleep, but it is true that they never get enough:-)
Trying to change that trend!


And... I will be missing you Jenny. I hope we'll keep up on the email because you owe me a tutorial on the fine art of cloth diaper living!

Love you both!

Grace McHugh said...

I am heart broken. I knew this was coming but it still hurts. I shall miss you my friend. I want it all, you as a close neighbor but for you to also have your land. I will be praying for safety and many wonderful blessings. Thank you for you smiles and giggles. Consider yourself always hugged.

Life throws you surprises! said...

dragonfly's therapy consists of alot of spinning, jumping and bouncing. These are things you can do at home especially if you don't want to go through doctors. (don't blame you) The OT says the best thing I can have for my kids is a trapoline. We have also purchased a hammock for swing. Swinging needs to be done on backs and bellies and the swings at the park don't cut it. We also have a bunch of exercise balls for bouncing. One is shaped like a peanut and is good for rolling on their bellies. Let me know if you have any specific concerns and I can ask my OT about them. Glad to be of any help.

grace said...

your pictures always make me smile! such sweet little ones :-)

Shauna said...

Hi 'Lene,
I finally did it! I started a blog of my own. I don't know how often I'll post, but at least I got started. You can visit me at "littleredwagenhoffers.blogspot.com". I'll be praying for you as you travel.
With love, Shauna

heidi said...

I'll be praying for you as you travel. You ARE a super-woman. There isn't much you can't do. And thru HIM you will do many things. ;o)

love, Heidi

princessmama said...

Sounds like so much work! Have a good trip! We'll be thinking of you, Me:)

2homeschool said...

Did you get there safe?


Diane said...


I miss you! And I am not going to be in CA when you vist. I hate that we will miss each other! Hope you are doing well.

Love you,