Monday, January 24, 2011

Annnnd HELL-O from under the coffee table!

There should be a good blog-worthy post after a title like that,
and picture like this:

I don't make any promises, but maybe this is a good time to ignore the kids
who are now standing over my shoulder tattling about who poked the other guy
"...almost in the eye" with a sharp pencil....... *sob, sniff, whine,sob*
to focus on a few lighter moments that contain less drama and more smiles for me.

For instance:

who has the pleasure of waking to "Jingle Bells" sung to the tune of
"Hark the Harald Angels Sing" and containing only the lyrics
"JING-GLE Bells, JING-GLE Bells, JING-GLE Bells...."
and so on.

Or how about a conversation overheard in the land of Legos
(and only when girls play):

"This family has 6 boys and 3 girls."

"Wow, that IS a lot!" 

"Yes, and all of them in only 9 years."

(This spoken as if it's the usual course.  But then...
ahem. ...Well anyways. WHAAAT? It's only 7 in 10 years for me.
ONLY 7!  
 9 in 9 years would be insane.  Sheesh.)

There must have been other laughable words and events today,
but Oh what a GOOD THING to reflect on the delightful,
sparkly, LIFE-filled moments!

It does a heart good:-)

-Especially when getting the same silly clowns
to take less than an hour to clear the table for dinner.
prod, prod, prod...
I can't wait to see how long it takes AFTER dinner. Hm.

Is there room under that coffee table for me?

I'll be ready for bed if no one else is.
And hopefully with a smile and a sigh, as I hear Jingle Bells which is stuck in my head
playing over and over to the tune of Hark the Harald.


Diane said...

awe. your blogs tonight are bringing me much joy. I'm laughing inside...since I have no voice to actually laugh WITH at the moment. :)

I love you. Thanks for sharing your life with all of us...even those moments under the table. lol


Christabelle said...

This made me smile! Aaliyah was adorable last night, too. She was good about saying "excuse me" after she let out a less-than-pleasant sound from her mouth...but didn't realize she had hiccups! She spent ten minutes going *hiccup* "'scuse me!" *hiccup* "'scuse me!"

I'm glad you share with us the lighter moments I pray many more of them for you today!

Shauna said...

Ah 'Lene, that Jingle Bells to Hark the Herald must be all the rage this year. I've been hearing it around here lately, but my favorite was listening to Hannah belt it out while holding onto the cart as we shopped for groceries. Those are the moments of motherhood I hope to carry into my old age! said...

he is such a little ham :-)