Thursday, January 13, 2011

Creative Bible Time... and Snow.

I am still learning flexibility.
(Big shock, I know.)
I find it quite easy to miss unique and valuable learning opportunities
for adhering rigidly to my regularly scheduled program.
(Not that I'm even very good at that. HA!)

Not too long ago the Bugletts and I started a Bible time-line of sorts.
I lost momentum on keeping dates this time around,
but we decided to keep going with many of the major events
in the order they appear in the Bible.

We have a daily Bible reading time, but recently we've adjusted that to
include discussing Bible events and peoples as we are already familiar with them.
Talking about the bigger picture rather than honing in on one specific chapter in King Davids life.
Also taking time to look at God's character as displayed in His choice of records.
The Bible truly is His great story and a marvelous way to know HIM!

For our time-line, I hand a piece of card stock to each kiddio,
and assign a person or event for each child to draw while I tell them the story
using my Bible as reference.

Guess what this is a picture of?

And THIS is the Israelites camped in the wilderness - LOVE the creativity here!

Often we read the account and get caught up in reading reading reading!
 This has been a very fun and dynamic way to digest the Bible together.
I thought you might enjoy a peek:-)

As for the flexibility part...
Today we woke to snow.
LOTS and lots of snow and still coming down!
The Bugs thought it looked like an outside kind of day
and had big plans for their construction projects.
So I sent them out immediately after Bible, to come in for afternoon school instead.

Here's some of the pics from that venture! 


Cinnamon said...

Momma Bug, I love everything about this post. The great snow pictures. The great bible ideas. Thank you for sharing!


Sally said...

I love what you are doing with Bible time--wonderful to get the little ones really involved in this way! Clicked to enlarge the view of the drawings on the wall---delightfull!


SarahS said...

Looks like a fun Bible study:) I used to have my boys draw pictures of what we read each day. I LOVE those pictures (I wrote on the back of them what they were pictures OF ;-) I've been wanting to get back into the habit, I'm all inspired now:D