Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Day The Sisters Made Peaunut Butter

They wanted to try it.

I said Okay..

They asked if they could use...

Butter Knife
Cheese Grater,
Cutting Board......

I didn't ask.

I just said "Okay"

They worked
and chattered
cracked nuts
and more nuts

And they dreamed big dreams.

and chopped
and strained...

They giggled
and tasted,
and searched for better tools.

And they dreamed big dreams.

Finally I was presented with fruit of their labors -
a taste the size of a single green pea.

Summoning my courage
and not looking too closely
I opened my mouth to receive the honor.

It tasted like Peanut Butter!

That was the whole lot - all they had created!
So much for canning it;
for sharing it with brothers;
for starting a business...

But no  tears to be seen
no downcast spirits,
no rude awakening to the beautiful dreams...

Instead with undeterred creativity,
They began on Peanut Soup!


 Peanut Butter How-To, by Susanna and Olivia


Shauna said...

What industry!
And what a good Momma to let them go at it.
Love you!

SarahS said...

Good job Momma:D How busy they are, so fun and cute...
and messy ;-)

How did the peanut soup turn out?

Cinnamon said...

Oh that is too funny!! My kiddos did something like that last year with grapes picked off our neighbors vine. It's the essence of being a child and the heart of homeschooling....letting our children explore and learn.

I'd like to know how the soup turned out as well. Sounds sticky :-) said...

what a good mom you are letting them try new things :-)
When The Sock Fashion Expert was about 4 we woke up to find she had made us all "breakfast" and set the table. She served "Taco Pad Soup". She has always been famous for that. As for now, well she's cooken just as fine as she's looken and sure to make some man really really happy some day :-) Encourage them young and they will take the kitchen world by storm.

Momma Bug said...

Hahaha! Thanks gals!
Letting them "go to it" is not my forte. I always envision the mess that I will have to clean up afterwards, or at least oversee every step of.
My best method is to close my eyes and plug my ears and say "LaLaLaLa..."
It usually works ;-)

The Peanut soup I wasn't brave enough to try, but according to Sue, it's crushed up peanuts in water, add salt and pepper.
There you have it!
She says it's quite good, and I take her word for it :-D

I can't wait until they take my kitchen. We're kinda working on the "after-the-fun-part" so that I can depend on a wee bit more than a lovely meal served.
I think you get my drift :-)