Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The word for this picture is: UNUSUAL.

 Lately I have been basking in the peace of freedom.
Freedom from the fear of men - from fearing how others perceive and value me.

Freedom to know my family best
and then serve them accordingly.

Freedom to decide what we eat
(chocolate covered cherries?)
and when
(10am breakfast?)

Freedom to make oatmeal every morning 
or something different every day of the week.
Freedom to bake freshly-ground whole wheat bread
or buy corn dogs and french fries for dinner.

Freedom to wear rubber boots all year
... even with skirts
and jammies all day during the Winter
...if I want to.

Freedom to wear a LITTLE blush,
big dangly earrings,
and a silk scarf
...without any place to go.
and just because I can.

Freedom to make another new schedule
only to throw it out before the weeks end.

Freedom to design the perfect chore list
only to discover that the list wasn't the problem
...when it came to actually getting the chores done.

Freedom to buy another kind of pencil
another bucket for organizing pens
one more binder,
copy book,
or personal sharpener
because it's okay not to know what will work
until I try it
...sometimes over and over again.

Freedom to start our school at the same time every morning of the week
...except one.
That "one" is subject to change on my whim.
...and sometimes I change it up every day.

Freedom to use Saxon Math, Abeka Math, or Math U See.
Or maybe just write problems on blank binder paper
and count loose change.

Freedom to not call "playing in the snow" Physical Education, but
...plain ol' "playing in the snow".

Freedom to be a Round Peg
when most the holes are square.

Freedom to collect clutter
and enjoy it.

Freedom to like bright colors 
and not shades of gray or off-white.

Freedom to make mistakes 
and laugh at myself
...and let others laugh at me too.

Freedom to know that God does not exist in a box,
I can't put Him in one
and He has given me His salvation
so that

can be


Can I say again; How unusual to see all my children 
huddled around the table 
doing their various works and creations  
at the same time!!!


Oh lovely friends~

My household is dynamic.
I set many goals;
many come to no account.
I often forget to notice the few things
we are succeeding at!
What a shame.

Your house is dynamic too
and totally different than mine.
You are succeeding in ways I envy,
and shouldn't forget to look there
instead of at the places where you feel you are drowning. 

You are FREE too, to be a friend of God
because of His grace and salvation
and  by His power!
Never use someone elses success for your measuring stick.
Only worship HIM 
with what you have, 
...and what you broke
...and what He has restored.

True Freedom is found only in Jesus.
Rest there with me.


Morgan said...

Thank you so much for this! You are such a momma full of wisdom! :)

Jess said...

Amen sister, right there with ya.

Diane said...

I thought of you last week while at Big Lots and saw an eraser that was like a mechanical pencil, ya know you could click it up and down, and then on one end it had little bristles to sweep away the eraser shavings. Made me think of your blogs on pencils and erasers. :) thx for sharing and encouraging us all. Even tho I'm not a mom your blogs still inspire me.I love you!

SarahS said...

Lovely:) Thank you for sharing! Makes me want to come see you again, sooner rather than later ;-)
My boys were looking at your pictures of snow and contemplating a two week winter visit! Nate soon had them considering how we would pay for two weeks worth of groceries and gas without Papa working. And how we'd get up your driveway in the first place without 4-wheel drive... lol

Lady Jess said...

So true! Thanks for sharing with us!

Momma Bug said...

Sarah, we could pack you in somehow, couldn't we?
maybe not two weeks...
but the snow HAS been wonderful. I've been amazed at how much better it is than mud and rain! HA!

Jana said...

I love this!

Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

I love this post! Thank you Lord for the Freedom you give us!

SarahS said...

Hahaha, I could imagine all of us packed in there for two weeks, Lol! Um... Yeah. ;-)

LC said...

Reveled in your snow posts and peanut butter post. Then I hit this one. Such a wonderful reminder of what His freedom means for my moment-to-moment living. Thanks you! Hope to read more of your earlier posts in between being a helpmeet to dear hubby and a Nana to six grand and a daughter to my precious 91-year-old mother. God is good!

Momma Bug said...

LC, I am delighted that you visit, and honored that the Lord will whisper his love to me and allow me to overflow that onto others.
Well done.
Keep up the race!


heidi said...

You have such a lovely family! Good to see how well you all are doing.