Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Doing nothing by halves,
Uncle Char and Auntie Hannah had a good hill behind their house...
and what looked too steep for the likes of me,
was only potential to their eye for adventure... and fun!

 Apparently my children agree.

...with them, that is.

One taste of sledding thrill
and the rest was,
down hill from there!

~Even Lina~

And back UP the hill...

Thanks Brother.  You make our lives a lot more exciting!

And fun :-)


Morgan said...

So sweet! Those are some great pictures! It's so neat that both of your families live so close together. It looks like so much fun.

Oh, and PS, I did already know you were pregnant. :) Your grandma had told my grandma. I was just impressed that you kept from posting for so long. How are you feeling?

Momma Bug said...

My grandma told your grandma...
That's really great because I didn't know if my grandma knew! HA!
Those grandmas :-)

I'm feeling pregnant.
Doing my usual gain-a-lot and swell up like a balloon, but... I just started doing a little regular exercise and stretching that has already started helping me feel more human. I hope to keep it up, but you know how it can go.
Thanks for your very nice comments Morgan!
They bless me.

Christabelle said...

One of our favorite winter past times! Looks like you guys had fun. Some lovely pictures, too!

outdoor.mom said...

Oh Great pics!! Looks like the kids had a blast!!! Fun fun fun :-) What beautiful shots you got!!

SarahS said...

Great pictures! What fun:)