Friday, January 21, 2011

Melt my Heart

I always thought a BIG brother would be nice.

Now I understand why :-)


Cinnamon said...


I love the comment you left me. You and I are sooo much alike. How many times have I cried over another bloggers joys/trials as if they were my own or she was my best friend. When really I barely know them.

You bless me! Thank you for crying with me, even if by bloggy land :-)


SarahS said...

Aawww! Adorable:)

LindaFaye said...


Momma Bug said...

Dear Cinnamon,

He sees us
and hears us, but best of all
He knows us and loves us still!

How I thank Him for sharing
some of the sweetest hugs through
sisters I've never met.

Loads of love to YOU!
(And a few more tears tonight)


The Pauls' Family said...

That's so funny that we both posted about our Zachary's holding their little brothers in school :-)
I always wanted an older sibling too...