Thursday, January 6, 2011

Carolina joins the ranks of "Big Kid"

She braved the snow - this little pixie.
Whenever I have sent the big kids out, she graciously declined.
And since she naps well, and sleeps at night,
I didn't feel compelled to make her go out just to tire her.

Well today, I wanted to go out.
Imagine that.  Me getting ready to go out in the snow....
Hm.  Quite a picture, and one that no one took, thankfully!

Because I wanted to go out, and all the big kids were out,
no one was left to babysit Lina and Bryce.
We dug out a thrifted snow suite for Carolina and some red mittens that sister outgrew
and Bryce was packed into enough clothing to keep him warm while I toted him on my hip.

And we went out.
All of us.

Carolina discovered that being  a "big kid"
and playing in the snow
aern't merely to be endured
rather... she really had a ball!

Once down the hill in a sled was enough though

(what a great big brother!)

and then some exploration with cousin Micah...

but after that she was a faithful snow-packer for her brothers
as they built their forts!

YAY for growing up just a little bit!

The world is so much bigger now :-)


J said...

what a big girl! adorable too.

SarahS said...

Haha, the second picture on the sled is great---Fun but scary, I think I'm done now. Her expression in the picture with Zach and Clay is precious! :)

JENNIFER said...

We have the same problem/dilemma when it comes to enjoying snow here too. But we will bundle up tomorrow too and brave the snow as well. Its so hard when you have little ones who are just not as appreciative of the fluffy white stuff. But, then the following year they are so anxious to get out and play in it.