Wednesday, January 19, 2011

THIS Moment

There is something on my heart which I must muse about here.

I have written before about how all we have is now.
Now is the moment we are living in.
Not in yesterdays memories, or tomorrows cherished plans.
It is a point I am passionate about.
Because I think we are prone to dream up wondrous feats of service
that we offer to the Lord someday far out in the land of "when..."  and "if..."
Is there anything wrong with making preparation for future exploits?
I think not. Rather I am concerned because I notice how fixated we can become
on that thing we are going to do for the Lord (which will make us feel fulfilled and valuable),
instead of choosing to claim the moment we are in for His glory.

It is a faulty notion that there are rungs on a Christian ladder; and here's what that might look like:
Somewhere near the bottom of the ladder is the rung where the common laborer
resides, working in a normal job making an average wage and coming home to family in the evenings,
participating in church activities during the week.
Closer to to the top is the church Youth worker in a position of leadership in the church organization.
Above him is an Elder because he actually has authority (right?),
and higher still is Pastor.
If you want to be a really marvelous Christian, go to a foreign country and be a missionary.
That's about as high as you can get on that fictitious Christian ladder.

I say this tongue in cheek, but even if we'd SAY we don't believe that ladder exists,
and that being a janitor or a mom staying home to raise children is as worthy as being a foreign missionary...
we don't actually believe it.
If I tell you that wiping a poopy bottom is as much a noble act of service as say,
delivering medical supplies to war torn countries,
you are not likely to reconcile that to your actual feelings on the subject.

Please don't misunderstand me.
I don't mean that those serving the Lord in foreign places; who lack family, comfort, and safety
(amongst many other tangible and lesser-seen things)
are not doing a precious thing.
What I mean to say, is that serving the Lord; worshiping Him is not exclusive
to the act of doing "great" things, but that perhaps our definition of "great" things
needs a broader perspective.  A perspective that realizes Jesus served His friends
...and enemies.
And that He healed people who didn't even thank Him. 
Or care about Him at all.
Just because we read about His earthly journey, and exploits of  those men who loved Him
in a book that is the most widely published of all time,
doesn't mean that they seemed very glorious 
at the time those guys were doing them!

So what am I driving at?

I may make great plans to do great things one great day,
but in the mean time, I have right now.
And that's all I have really.
Let me tell you that I mostly see a lot of weakness and not so much potential
in my everyday life.  Not only do I have chores, but I have attitudes that need to be
adjusted - MY attitudes.

I would prefer to imagine how I will take captive every thought to the glory of Christ
when I am imprisoned  in a single cement block cell 
eating gruel once a day.

It could happen.

But it's definitely more romantic to dream up that scenario,
than to actually take my 3 year-old to the potty,
help her with her pants,
set her up on the pot,
wait patiently until she is through,
then help procure the right amount of toilet paper,
wipe her bottom,
pull up those little pants...........

You get the picture.

But that, friends, is a bona fide real opportunity to serve the Lord God;
to capture my heart in that moment
and worship Him.

Just think of this:
Only in this brief journey as a pilgrim on earth, looking forward to my true home
do I have the chance to worship God while doing something I DON'T want to do.
One day I will worship God every day of eternity with joyful abandon and blissful ease
(and desire!) when I am at home with Him in Heaven.
But... in that day God will never give me a task that I DON'T want to do.
That means that only in this earthly life can I offer my worship as a gift to Him
in a time when it's hard to do it.

Here's the crux.
This can be practiced as well from
the Wintry, frozen pipe, no-shower-in-a-week, husband-out-of-town-again,
weepy, pregnant, very inadequate, fixing-one-more-sandwich, running-out-of-steam-before-the-mornings-end Far North of Idaho...
as it can be practiced by that precious servant, dusty and tired, holding a lice-infested baby
pouring out heart and soul; offering hope to a lost and dying people in South Africa.

If ever my focus is placed on the great thing I can do for God
instead of worshiping Him because of the Great Thing He did for me...

it won't matter how great other people think I am.
In that case, all my greatest efforts will be as wood, hay, and stubble,
and weren't intended for the Lord's benefit anyway.


So what does this mean for me?
I KNOW I am unworthy of God's gift of salvation,
and I know I am not entitled to the many numerous blessings He's poured out on me.
I am ever-so-slowly learning to look for the Hand of God at work in my
"average"person's life, and to worship Him in the midst of my weakness.

I would like to know how you see the Hand of God in your daily moments;
and what that looks like practically in your life.
Have you ever thought about the fact that doing things we don't want to do, but with a
willing heart can be an act of worship to the Lord?
A little feedback could be very edifying for all the ladies reading comments if you feel inclined..

Take heart!

. . . “My grace is sufficient for you,
for My power is made perfect in weakness.”
Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses,
so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.
II Corinthians 12:9

6 comments: said...

amen!! great post :-) good reminder!!

Cinnamon said...

How beautifully you poured your heart out. Thank you for sharing all you have been pondering. You are soo right! It is our heart attitude in ALL we do that matters. That's what God looks at.

Blessing sweet friend and a big {{hug}} to you!


Melissa said...

Your excellent post reminded me of when I surrendered my life to Christ in my early 20's, and did not know what a real walk with God looked like. One day I was discussing the very subject you wrote about with a mature Christian, and she said, "You know, you can wash dishes for the Lord". It was a watershed moment, one I've thought back on many times over the years of not only washing dishes, but the "daily-ness" of taking care of children and all that entails.

Jess said...

Amen sister :)

Christabelle said...

You have pointed once again to something God is working in my heart. Thank you. :)

Photo Momma said...

I love this post. It has given me something to ponder for the last two days. Thank you.