Thursday, August 14, 2008

What a Guy!

Now THIS is a friend to have!

Travis is our bachelor friend going back to fifth grade for me (I admit he was not MY friend at that time - that happened after AJ), and AJ has known him for at least that long too.

After we got married AJ was often summoned by Trav at pitch-black morning hours to have his rig pulled out of the mud it was illegally stuck in!
He is proud of those escapades and numerous others. Perhaps he is a bit reckless, but what's life if not to live?!
AJ was always happy to "unstuck" him, and Travis has always been available for AJ - it's a good relationship!

This Summer Travis scoped out a truck AJ was interested in, and was the go-between on that purchase.
That truck hauled a trailer load of stuff to Idaho, and Travis drove.
Once in Idaho, Travis helped unload our belongings and a pallet of flooring from the truck bed..

After the work was done (Clayton helping), Travis put his cogs to work to invent some diversion.

It looked too fun to resist, and after they had done a couple trips from the top of the hill to the bottom and back again, I had to try it:-)
So with my two girls and cousin Eleanor stuffed in, we careened down the hill next!

It was quite a ride, and secretly I'm looking forward to our next visit North when I can ride all by myself with a running start!

(Thanks Travis!)


grace said...

okay, analene, i have to know what kind of camera you use for those great snaps of your kiddos? they are beautiful.

Momma Bug said...

Hi-ya Grace!

Sony Cyber-shot with the 15x zoom.
Did I mention I LOVE it?!

Hey... are you saying that my pictures are only the result of a nice camera?! ;-)

2homeschool said...

Ah, love. I do miss ya. I did save that picture by the way. Yap, on my hard drive.

Love you, H

grace said...

haha nope! my friends who are photographers always say you can shoot with a digital or a disposable, and either one can be beautiful if you have an eye for it!