Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Laying of The New Floor

Thought you'd like to see our floor-layers in action:-)

First there's my brother Charlie - what a blessing you were Char!

Then you'll see Zack, AJ, Jon, and also his wife Jana (thank you, you two!).

Lastly you will see ROSIE The RIVETER (ahem), I mean Auntie Em.
This is my favorite picture of all!

It took a whole week to lay this floor, but there was a lot more play and talk than actual work going on (which was just the way we wanted it!)


Mama K. said...

Wow! You're back! Glad to hear that you are excited about your new place and what you're doing inside. Look like you've all had quite the adventure this past month.

We'll let you know if there is any baby news. :)

Love, Mama K.

2homeschool said...

Wow, I am... wow. That is increadable.


Ashley said...

Hi! I am so glad your back. I love your new home! All the wood is GREAT!


SarahJane said...

Wow! Looks like a beautiful area and great progress on the house. How Fun! Well, one of these days we will see each other i suppose. I need to meet some girls and you need to meet some boys :)
love you

Mommy Reg said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun laying that floor.

heidi said...

What a blessed family you have to help you with the remodel of your new home. That is the absolute sign of love. So much progress in such a short time. And you all look like you were having so much fun. I am so happy for you!! Love the photo of your sister and the nail sister would choose the same...LOL.