Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Nobility in the Commonplace

Every day has it's commonplace, that's certain!
What I want to learn, is how to stop and capture the moments that are truly noble!

Definition in Webster's 1828 Dictionary:

1. Dignity of mind; greatness; grandeur; that elevation of soul which comprehends bravery, generosity, magnanimity, intrepidity, and contempt of every thing that dishonors character.

Zachary fills Olivia's cup
Susanna fixes Carolina's hair
Olivia setting the table
Auntie Emma making dinner with the girls

Daddy teaching his boys something
Clayton making mommas bed...

These are some of the moments that shine brightly in the commonplace.
These are glimpses into that greatness which looks not for mans praise, but strives to know Jesus through simple obedience and practical service.

I'm going to watch for nobility in my home. I'm going to pay closer attention to my children so that when the common takes place...

I will be ready to give God all glory and praise in it!


Suzanne said...

Oh Analene,

I just love that. Sigh... Just love it!

The Diane Story said...

I love that too Analene. I read the link you gave too. That is good, even though I do not have children yet.


Sisterlisa said...

How sweet! Love the pics! and that cloud pic, oh my! Fabulous!

Faith Alterton said...

Well said. So much is influenced by where we look, isn't it?